Chapter 1

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A.N: This is the first story I have written. The first few chapter will be a bit short, but they will eventually become longer and much better as it progresses. Also, I realized after I made this, that there is story called 'The Moon and The Sea' that's pretty big. I can assure you that I did not try to take the name in anyway. Also, the first couple chapters take the pertemis relationship a little fast, but I promise that later on, it will get better and it is not actually that fast or cheesy.

The war was over, thousands of demigods littering the ground and not a single inch of ground was not covered . The gold dust of the monsters of Kronos's army piled up and mixed with the blood of the fallen heroes. The atmosphere was somber and nobody was in the mood to laugh, let alone smile or even celebrate their victory. This win had come with a price that was almost too great to pay, and if another war were to come, Olympus would surely fall at the hands of even the weakest enemy.

I, Perseus Jackson, stood amidst the barren battlefield tears welling up in my eyes as I remembered my friends. Now, I was all alone, not even my Wise Girl was here with me. She had been slain by the mighty force of Hyperion as she jumped in front of a spear that was heading for my stomach. She had given up everything just so that I could live, but now I didn't even want to do that. Without her, I was nothing and there was no way I could bring her back from the underworld. I had contemplated stabbing myself with my own sword just so that I could be with her again, but that was not what she would have wanted, so I was forced to live my life without her.

I felt numb as I waited in the elevator to the 600th floor of the Empire State building. As the demigods filed into the throne room, the gods nodded their heads in gratitude. Nobody had left the battle alive without losing something that they loved, whether it was their sibling, lover, or even a body part. The gods slowly called up the few remaining demigods one by one, granting them a wish of their choice. Most chose to become partially immortal like the Hunters, while some wanted riches and fame, but I wanted something that nobody could give. My Wise Girl.

"Perseus Jackson!" boomed Zeus," You have been the greatest help in the war against our father and you shall be granted anything that you wish. Anything that is in our power to grant, you will have it. Even becoming an Olympian God if that is what you wish."

I was shocked. It was one thing to become immortal or even become a minor god, but an Olympian? That was almost unheard of.

Thinking about my decision very carefully, I answered,"No."

"No?" Zeus said in disbelief," Why would you turn down such a generous offer. We have never given anybody major godhood, let alone made them an Olympian."

"I do not want to become an Olympian, but I do have a wish. I ask that all of you remember and commemorate all of your fallen children. They have fought bravely and deserve a proper funeral. I also want for each and every one of you to swear that if there should be another war, you will not abandon your children to die, like you did today. If you had actually cared for them and joined the fight, then half of them would still be alive, standing in this same throne room, receiving the same gifts that we are now. Everyday, you must remember what they have given for Olympus and be grateful for it. I will be holding you to your oaths."

"Fine. We will swear to do as you have said and we will gather every single body so that they can have a proper burial," Zeus grudgingly agreed. I had never had a great relationship with the King of the Gods, but he seemed to respect me a little more than he used to.

As the gods started to flash out and the demigods started to leave, I was left standing in the middle of the throne room on my own. I finally walked out and onto the busy streets of Olympus, which was bustling with activity and minor gods preparing to celebrate their victory. I would not be celebrating though, only mourning for the loss of my best friend and girlfriend.

I suddenly felt a hand on my arm. I looked up and my teary eyes met the silver ones of the goddess of the moon.

"Perseus, I was walking by and I saw you looking so miserable. I didn't want to just leave you here on your own as you have done so much for us." she said softly.

"Lady Artemis," I bowed quickly.

She just ignored my formalities and got straight to the point ,"I know that you face the loss of your loved one and I know that it is not easy. I myself lost every single one of my hunters. The pain is something that takes time to recede, but will never truly disappear. You just need to learn to live with it. "

"It hurts so much. I don't think there's any way in Hades that I'll be able to live with this pain," I cried. More tears spilled down my already wet cheeks and dripped into the soil at my feet.

"It will get better. Trust me. And once it does, you will be glad that you let it go, you'll see."

"Thank you, Lady Artemis. I just need some time to think about this. I hope you don't mind if I step away," I said as respectfully as I could.

"I understand, Perseus. Just remember that this wasn't your fault and that there was nothing you could do to stop it," She replied.

I nodded and gave her one last bow before striding away to find somewhere to be alone.

I arrived at a lonely hill that sat just bellow the full moon in it's own solitude. The gentle breeze tickled my face and my hair fluttered as I sat down at the base of a tree. It was already late at night and the sun had long set under the horizon. I couldn't help but admire the bright moon that was directly above me and think about the goddess itself. A strange feeling bubbled in my chest, but I repressed it, a little confused about it.

Her face floated across my vision and I could hear her voice in my head. Nothing would give me any salvation from the aching pain of my heart and it ripped itself apart. It felt like my entire essence had split in two, one half staying with me, and the other traveling to Elysium to rest with the one person who I loved more than anything in the world. By now, my eyes were soaking wet and I couldn't stop the waterfall of tears, nor the pounding voice in my head, telling me to take my own life and rejoin her.

After a couple minutes, I finally managed to reign in my emotions, but I still had a lone tear leaking out of my closed lid. Soon, the recent events of the war took it's toll on my body, and I fell into the first deep sleep since the war.

(End of Chapter 1)

A.N: I know this chapter is not the best, but I promise that it gets better. I hope you enjoyed reading this and be sure to review! If so, feel free to give me some ideas because I have no idea what to write after this. I'll figure something out.

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