Chapter 15

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Percy POV:

As I touched the wall of the giant fortress, a runic word glowed underneath my hand and all around us, the ground started to shake.

"What did you do?!" Artemis yelled while glaring at me.

"I have no idea. I just touched the wall and it started glowing and shaking. How was I supposed to know that it would do this."

I felt an immense power coming from inside the walls of the building. There was a flash and the shaking stopped, replaced by a figure standing outside the walls, floating in the air above us.

"WHO DARES COME NEAR MY HOUSE?!" The figure bellowed. It was obviously a feminine voice, but it sounded just as scary as Ares in full rage mode. I could tell you from personal experience that it's scary as hell. She was holding two swords up and ready to slice anything in her path. She obviously very beautiful with wavy black hair flowing down her back and black eyes that sucked you in.

The woman had an extremely strong aura emanating from her. The shadows bent and warped around her, making her look even more mystical and terrifying. I realized with a jolt, that this was not somebody that I had ever hoped to meet in my entire existence. The Primordial of Night, Nyx. Artemis looked at her with a defiant look in her eyes, before I laid a hand on her arm, trying to cool that glare before she got us killed. She looked over at me and saw the fear in my eyes. She got the warning and backed down, but still looking a little confused about it.

I bowed to the Primordial, not wanting to disrespect her and make her mad.

"I'm sorry Lady Nyx. We did not mean to venture into your domain." Artemis recoiled at her name. Nyx's eyes narrowed in suspicion. I could tell that she didn't believe a word I had just said.

"And why are you and that goddess in Tartarus in the first place?" She growled.

"Lady Nyx," Artemis said bowing, finally realizing the importance to do so,"We are on a quest. You see, a man visited me in my dreams claiming that we had only 2 months of peace left before he attacks. By the way he looked and the amount of power he had, we are almost certain that this man is someone named Apollyon. I'm sure you were one of the Primordials who fought against him before he was trapped."

Nyx looked shocked by this news.

"You're telling me that the Angel of the Abyss has managed to escape his prison in the Void? You had better not be joking. Even I know that if this is true, then it would mean something terrible for every single being in the universe."

"I swear on the Styx that what I have said is true," I said. Thunder rumbled in the clouds above and when nothing happened to me, Nyx looked at us with a new seriousness in her eyes.

"While I do not like you two, I think it would be unwise to kill you here. I will escort you into the castle, but I will warn you. Do not do anything out of line or I will not hesitate to end both of you."

We both nodded so hard that I thought one of our heads was bound to pop off. She led us into the enormous palace. The inside was just like you would expect off the Primordial of Night: dark, very dark. Did she not know any other color than black. I mean who needs black blinds in the middle of Tartarus?

She stopped us once we reached a room and pushed the door open. We found ourselves in a room that looked like somewhere that you would plan a war in. Maps with detailed battle plans one them were scattered about the room.

"Tell me everything that you know about Apollyon's goal when he came to you," She demanded, whirling around to face us once the door was closed.

I told her about Artemis' dream and about the attack from Nico. She did not seem surprised when I mentioned this. She had a thoughtful look on her face, before something dawned on her.

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