Chapter 8

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A.N: This chapter might be a little disturbing too some readers. I would advise skipping some of it if you do not want to read anything of the type.

Percy POV:

I reappeared inside a dirty apartment. There was stains on the walls, and empty beer bottles littering the ground. The stench of sweat and alcohol filled the air and it almost made me gag. The worst part war right in the middle of the room.

A man stood above a small girl with a belt in his hands. He had obviously drank too many beers and was now drunk. The little girl was shivering and sobbing in pain. There were red welts covering her arms and body, making here skin look almost unrecognizable.

"Stupid girl! I told you to get me another bottle of beer! You'll be sorry you disobeyed me!" He snarled at her, as he wound up his arm to strike the girl across the face. In the blink of an eye, I was behind him, holding onto his wrist so that he couldn't hit the girl. He jerked back in surprise and whirled around to face me.

"Who the hell are you?! How did you get into my house. It doesn't matter, I'm gonna kill you then I'm gonna finish the job with the girl," He roared.

I sneered at him,"You think you can beat a little girl to near death and not pay for your crimes? You're going to die tonight and it's not going to be pleasant." The man started to look a little bit nervous, but charged at me anyways, belt raised high. I unsheathed Frostbite and slashed his stomach open. I could see him organs spilling out, but I gave him no mercy, still keeping him alive with my powers.

"You will feel every bit of pain that I inflict on you until I am satisfied that you have learned your lesson. You will not die until I am done with your punishment and then you will spend an eternity in the Fields of Asphodel in constant pain and suffering," I said coldly to him. I took my sword and stabbed it into his arm and pulled out a knife, stabbing his other arm, holding him in place. I was just getting started.

(Line break)

By the time I was done with him, he looked little more than a blob of blood and bones, yet he was still alive, feeling all the pain. Finally, I sent him to the Underworld, stabbing him in the heart and releasing my power, letting him die. I grunted in disgust and wiped the blood off my fingers on the one clean section of his shirt. It was only then, that I realized the little girl had been watching the entire time in fear.

I sighed and approached her. She immediately scrambled away from me in fear, cowering underneath the bed that was tucked into the corner of the room.

"Get away from me!"

"I'm not going to hurt. I came to free you from that monster of a man. Don't worry, I don't think he'll be hurting you anymore," I tried to speak as gently as possible.

"You're lying! I saw what you did to him. You're going to do the same things to me!"

"I promise that I won't do anything to hurt you. I'm just here to help," I replied. To prove what I said, I dropped all of my weapons onto the floor and pushed them away with my foot. The girl seemed to trust me a little more and slowly inched her way out from under the bed. When her body was completely out in the open, I held up my hands to show her that I didn't have anything to hurt her.

She looked young enough to be in preschool still, but her eyes showed more suffering than most people would face in their entire life. My hands shook as I wondered what that vile man had done to her. Now I knew why Artemis was so against most men. There were so many terrible males out there who would do anything for power and riches.

"Who are you and how did you know what my uncle was doing to me?" she asked suspiciously

"My name is Perseus, but you can call me Percy. The reason I came, is because I am sort of like a guardian angel to all demigods like you," I replied.

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