Chapter 5

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Percy POV:

That was way too close. I need to start being more careful around the area. If I barely managed to get out of there alive and she almost killed me with that arrow, I thought just as I flashed away. I reappeared near a cabin along the secluded beach where nobody would find it. I had stayed hidden for 2 years and I wasn't about to be discovered because my house had been found by a wandering god.

I walked into the cabin and and pulled off my hood. The inside of the cabin was far bigger than it should have been considering the outside was the size of a small tent. There were two stories and three bedrooms, with many other pointless rooms around the house. It was magical after all.

My room was simple with just a bed pushed into the corner and a desk on the far side of the room. On it, was a picture of my mother and I smiling happily at the camera. I hadn't seen her seen the beginning of the war and I was starting to really miss her. I couldn't visit her though because I don't want to put her into any unnecessary danger from the gods who may track me to her apartment. Especially Artemis.

I still wondered why every time I thought about her, my heart seemed to jump and I started getting jumpy. When I saw her earlier today, my body froze up and it felt like something was constricting me. If she ever found out about this feeling, then I would be left without a certain male part for the rest of my life. I shuddered just thinking about it.

Speaking of Artemis, she probably already informed Zeus of my whereabouts and now there were search parties sent all over the globe trying to find me. That was of little matter though, because they wouldn't find me. The only people who knew where I was located was my father Poseidon and my cousin Athena.

You see, over the past couple years, Athena and I had become pretty close. I almost considered her an older sister to me. You may be wondering how we developed such a relationship after she hated me so much for dating her daughter.

Flashback (set when he is disappearing):

Before I had a chance to walk into the forest, there was a flash of light to my right. Instantly, I had my sword up in front of me, prepared for the battle of my life. I would not give in to any god, not even my father. When I saw Athena standing there, and almost dropped my sword in surprise. Why would Athena come to me now. I thought she hated me. She probably wanted to maim me for letting her daughter die.

"I come in peace Perseus. I am here to apologize for my actions in the past. My daughter's death was not your fault and I have realized that. I'm sorry," she blurted in a rushed fashion. Obviously she was nervous about it and it must have taken a lot of her pride to do this for me.

"You do not have to apologize, Lady Athena. I understand why you would be angered at me. I was too weak to protect your daughter and I was not worthy of dating her."

"No Perseus, you are the most worthy man that could ever date my daughter. I am glad she got to spend so much time with you before her downfall. She truly was a hero, only second to you," she replied,"In fact, I am not just here to apologize. I want to offer you my blessing because I feel that you will need it for your coming journey as a demigod. You do not need to explain yourself, I already know what you are doing."

I was shocked to say the least. The mother of my deceased girlfriend who had detested me for so long wants to bless me? What made her change her mind?

"I would be honored to accept your blessing, Lady Athena, but why me?" I inquired," I haven't done anything special. There are so many other demigods from the past that have achieved so much more than I have."

She just chuckled,"This is why I say you are the most worthy man of dating my daughter. You are the most loyal, humble and powerful demigod of them all."

She raised her hand and muttered something. A silvery glow enveloped me and suddenly, I felt as if I knew everything. I could see all different types of battle strategies and war tactics floating around in my mind. I actually felt smart for once.

"My blessing will allow you to see a tactical way out of every situation and it will also allow you to master any fighting style with very little practice," she explained,"Oh, and take this sword. It was crafted by the giants up in the mountains, made out of the strongest material that could be found, Cryo Copper. It's name is Frostbite(shout out to the guy that loves all gunpla), treat it well.

"Thank you, Lady Athena. Thank for these generous gifts. I'm sure they will come in handy in the future. I hope Olympus is soon restored to it's former glory."

Flashback End:

From then on, Athena had visited me as often as she could. We would sit in my cabin and talk over the table over cups of coffee and cake. I genuinely enjoyed her company and it made me forget all of my troubles. Over the past couple years, we had developed an extremely close bond and both of us would do anything for the other person. If Athena wanted me to reveal myself to the Olympians, then I would because that was what she wanted. Of course, I hope she wouldn't do that, but I don't think she would ever betray me like that.

Athena had made the days alone much more bearable. It was nice to have someone that would always stand by you no matter what, even though I don't deserve it.

I decided that I needed to do something other than sit on my butt all day. I pulled my hood over my head and mist traveled to the middle of a random forest in on the globe. I was going to hunt for monsters.

Everyday I would travel around and hunt as many monsters as I could in one hour. It was good training for my abilities as well as my sword fighting. It wasn't long before I found a group of Hellhounds. I jumped out of my hiding in a bush, and charged the ugly beasts. They seemed to notice that something was wrong and look in my direction, only to narrow their eyes and crouched down, waiting for the attack.

I slashed Frostbite in an sideways motion, severing it's head from it's body. The others surrounded me and attempted to attack me from all sides. I pushed my fists outwards, and a jet of water shot from each, knocking them back. I quickly finished them off in a similar manner to the first.

And so it went like this for the rest of the day: Monsters charging at him and him slaughtering them with ease, as if he was squashing an ant under his foot(which in reality is actually super hard).

While I was fighting a cyclops, I felt a powerful presence enter the vicinity, no doubt seeking out the source of power I was producing. I'll bet it's one of the Olympians looking to capture me and take me to Olympus and force me into submission.

An arrow flew by my head and killed a harpy flying at me to my left. I turned and saw Artemis with her hunter knives out. If looks could kill, I would at the bottom of the Underworld right now. I gulped. I think I'm screwed.

(End of Chapter 5)

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