Chapter Two

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Well the plan that I came up with is brilliant! Using our farewell party as a way to cover up the assassination. You'll see how it'll all play out. Don't judge me, I don't feel like announcing it when you'd just read what's gonna happen anyway. Haha.

*hours later at the party*

"Alrighty! Who wants another round?!" I yelled as the group was finishing the drinks.

"Hey isn't this supposed to be a party FOR you, not HOSTED by you?" My boss asked.

"It's my last day, can't I do something I'm comfortable with doing?" I sarcastically whined. I love my boss, I kinda wish we didn't have to go... But a job's a job and we have to go back for "school." Maybe we'll come back during our "summer." We kept partying, a lot of the group either went home or fell asleep scattered all over the place... While a couple of the staff and our boss take them all to VIP rooms they set up as bedrooms, one for the girls and another for the guys. Ivan and a few people who didn't drink much but still had a huge buzz were still drinking. The others drinking slowly, till they too fell asleep, because Ace and I got impatient with them and slipped them sleeping pills when we went to get them more drinks. We knew Ivan lost track of at least two drinks because he was zoned out a lot of the time while he drank... Ace and I looked at each other and smiled evilly inwardly so he didn't notice. He needs maybe a couple more. No one on staff noticed how much he drank except us. Soon he'll be out like a light, but this time for good. Did you figure out our master plan yet? It's kinda hard not to. Anyway he's on his second to last beer looking like he's gonna stop. Hehe nope not gonna happen. I walk over to him as I go over a great weakness of his in my head. Slap down a $20 bill he looked up shock from the noise.

"I bet you this $20 bill that you can't finish off three more drinks." I said with a smirk.

"Only if you drink three more too." He smirked back. Hehe this gonna be fun.

"Ace could you get four more beers please." I ask my brother, he smirks at me but still gets them. He comes back a few minutes later with four unopened bottles of beer. Places three in front of me then the other in front of Ivan next to the other two bottles. We both drank the first, then the second, but halfway through the third and Ivan suddenly stopped and fell over while I finished off my third then went over to him to check him, his pulse slowed down. I checked his eye they were becoming life less. Perfect.

"Oh good he's still alive he just suddenly fell asleep." I say loud enough for anyone whose eavesdropping on us. Which the person must have been human because I could hear a sigh of relief, then footsteps going away.

"OK let's pick him up so it looks like he's just sleeping. Then we ask the boss for a car so we can drive him home, put a lot of the empty beer bottles he used in our bag." I say low enough for only my brother to hear.

"OK." Is his only reply. After we set him back on the couch laying down so it looks like he's sleeping. After that while he grabbed the bottles with gloves on that hospitals normally use and put them in the bag, I went to the boss asked to use a car to drive Ivan home, Ivan had previously given us permission to drive him home if he got to drunk. He gave us a key too, just in case. Which helped us a lot. Anyway we drove him home then got him inside and placed the bottles around like he had drunken them if he woke up but died while drinking them. We also had the one he was drinking at the place after we put it sideways so it spilled, I went to his room messed up his bed left the door open then we got up left and locked the door behind us. When we got back we let the boss know that we put him in bed. We gave back the car keys, said our final goodbyes then left to our hotel. Once we got there we packed up all if our stuff before sleeping for a couple hours. After we got some rest we grabbed our stuff then packed them in my truck. As we finished with that, we loaded up our motorcycles. Then checked out of our hotel. When we finished we loaded up and drove twenty miles away, stopped to eat then headed home. While doing the same routine we did on our way from home, going over school work.

Halfway into our drive we decided to pull over to switch seats. The moment I stepped out of the truck, an overwhelming sense of urgency and fear passed through my body. It wasn't my own though. -Hurry!- with that, I jumped up to my motorcycle.

"Stay with the truck, get out anything we have that could help someone."

"What? What's going on?"

"Not now, later," I replied as I drove off the truck, in the direction in which my instincts were taking me. About five minutes of driving through the woods (I don't recommend doing this with a regular motorcycle by the way, use those ones that are made to, I remodeled mine to be able to do so), I saw small red wolf being chased by other wolves much larger than it. They didn't smell like normal wolves and they all smelled of the same pack too. I turned in the direction they were running while catching up to and matching the speed of the one being chased. "Follow me if you want help," I shouted then turned to the direction of Ace. I could feel the wolf's presence following me. 'Ace get ready, when we are close enough, let out your alpha presence,' I said through our link. "Try ignoring the presence that you're going to sense soon, if you can," I shouted out to the wolf. If I used my own alpha presence I could talk to all the other wolves in a link but for normal werewolves like they are it's too powerful even other alphas submit to me, plus I don't want to do it when I'm alone. The moment we were in eye shot of Ace he released his hold on the normal alpha power that he got from dad. I still have no idea why mine is ten times stronger then their's, but they are still more powerful than the average alpha which gives them partial command over other packs unless their alpha is there. I then heard a small whimper so I used enough of my alpha to sooth the small wolf next to me. The closer we got to Ace the other wolves behind us started slowing and trying to resist the urge to submit to Ace. Finally ten feet away they all were on the ground rolling to submit.

"SIT!" Ace Barked as he decided to change into his very massive wolf form, Seff. There were only three and the all scrambled up to sit at attention.

"Now," I started at the leader of the small group, "can I get the explanation as to why this one is being chased by her own pack?" I questioned while adding a little more alpha than Ace let out, as well as keeping it from affecting the little red wolf... wait that's a large fox the size of a normal wolf. Good thing I didn't say wolf out loud. The leader was the only one to change so he could speak, only our undergarments ever come back after transforming, most of us wear swimsuits so it's not as embarrassing.

"Our alpha ordered us to kill her for the stupid reason of 'trashy clothes' we were just planning on chasing her out of the border to make him think we did. Everyone in our pack hates the alpha but we never had anywhere else to go because we know no pack would take an entire pack of run away's. No pack would have the funds for that either. We are just trying to put up with him and stay away from him." He replied with the signs of the years of exhaustion he has had to face, with sadness mixed in, most likely from having no place else to go. I also felt a small connection to him, something I've never felt before... I wonder what it could be?

"Are you sure you know all other packs are that way?" I asked with amusement. He looked up quizzically at me.

"The only pack we have no information on is a deadly pack which no one has the courage to get." He answered slowly as the other two nodded their snouts.

"I have that info," I said with a cheerful smile, "They're filthy rich, have way more empty homes than they need, there are only fifty wolves total, their alpha and luna have a daughter about to turn 18 and a son whose 19 and overprotective of his sister," I said giving a playful glare at Ace, as he ducked his head down, giving me puppy dog eyes, "aside from a job or attacks they are generally sweet caring people." I finished.

"That's really specific in some parts, are you sure it's all true? We only know the names of the alpha and luna, Natsume Hitman and Silvia Hitman."

"Yes it is, would you like to ask alpha Natsume himself?" I peered with an eyebrow raised.

"How would we do that? We are no where near that pack. Plus, even if we were, we wouldn't be able to pass their borders."

"Anyone is allowed in if they are visiting, need protection, or need a hired assassin. And also it's as simple as me speed dialing my dad." Honestly if they don't make the connection soon I'm ganna die of with held laughter....

Hey guys sorry for not getting this up yesterday I wrote as much as I could before passing out. I'm ganna leave this chapter where it's at & go on to the next chapter. Luv ya guys :)

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