Chapter Four

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Everyone is all settled into their new homes, and added into the pack. We decided Luke and Fushigi will be staying in the main house. After double checking that everyone is good the five of us drove to main house, or home, which ever. Dad drove his car into its spot in the "Car garage" while Ace, with Fushigi, Vit, and Nera pulled into the "Truck garage" and of course since Luke and I were riding the bikes, I showed him where they go... chained to a bike railing. Ha, thought there was a "Motorcycle garage" didn't you? Anyway after locking up the bikes, we all meet up inside where mom was waiting too.

"Just wanted to meet the new uh... house mates?" Mom said walking up to Fushigi first.

"Hello, Luna." Fushigi bowed.

"Oh, mom doesn't like titles anymore than I do." 

"Eh? Really? Then what should I call her then?"

"You can call me mom, everyone else does too..." I see both Fushigi and Ace blush a little....

'What are you blushing for?' I asked him through the mind link, and at that his face turned beet red.

'Uh, um, she is mine, I hope.' Of course Ace knows there are lots of wolves who get rejected if they come on too strongly and it freaks out their mate. His new found mate was being chased hours ago on orders of her previous Alpha. High ranked wolves learn to control themselves for their mate's sake for situations like this, at least they're supposed to. It's more of a recommendation than a law.

'Ah OK, good luck bro.'


"Well, our rooms are right next to each other, if you guys want there are some on the opposite side of the hall from ours."

'I love your smart mind sis! Keeping them on our floor.' We have a nine story house, going up, there's the basement and laundry room at the bottom, floor one is the kitchen and living room, floor two is mom and dad's floor, floor three is all for games, floor four is where our rooms are plus some extra rooms for guests, floor five is Vit and Nera's floor, and above them is the library, which goes up two more floors.

'I know.' I thought to him smugly. 'Either way they'd be on our floor but we can get her to stay next to your room at least.' I finished in the link, then continued talking out loud, "but first, we'll unload all of our things and put them into the elevator, then give you a quick tour."


"Wow, you guys really don't have much with you." I said after we piled all our stuff into the elevator, "OK, I'm going to shove these on our floor so everyone can fit on the elevator." Then slid into the elevator and pressed the button saying "AA" for Ace and Aki, we wanted to do something other than numbers. When I arrived at my floor I shoved everything out and to the side, then proceeded back down to everyone. "I'm back, let's start on this floor since we are already here." I walked passed them leading them through the first floor. "This is the kitchen," our kitchen takes up about half this floor, "everything in here is top of the line equipment, the fridge is always stocked with food if you don't see something you want let mom know she'll pick it up the next time she's out, go ahead and look around to familiarize where things are." A few minutes of them looking around we head to the living room which is the other half of the floor. "This is the living room, that entire wall has any movie you can think of in alphabetical order there's a ladder over to the side for the movies on the top. This wall is a screen, the movie projector is on the ceiling on the opposite side, with the movie reader directly under it on the wall." After they finished scanning the abundance of movies, we gathered into the elevator, "all floors are labeled according to what the floor is like right now we are on the main level which is the Kitchen and Living room, on the elevator it's labeled as "KL", we'll go down first, then up," I said pressing the "BL" button, "this one leads to the Basement and Laundry room, there's not much down here really just multiple washers and driers, I think we have five washers and five driers, so if someone else is using one of them you won't have to wait till they're done." I said as the doors opened to a very nice looking basement, with top of the line washers and driers of course, with six large shelves full of detergent, drier sheets, fabric softener, bleach, paper towels, toilet paper, shampoos, conditioners, body wash, and other toiletries that are needed. After they peeked out of the elevator to look around real quick they came back in. "The floor above the main floor is "MD" Mom and Dad's floor, so we'll skip that for now they have half the floor as their room, and the other half the Alpha's office, with a hallway separating them. We'll go to the third floor, "GF" which is the Game Floor, we have four most recent Xbox's and PlayStation's, which is traded in when a new one comes out, all hooked up to eight total large TV's, plus every game for the consoles,including some that I created myself, stored in the TV stands, as well as four gaming computers, and headsets for each station." I finished saying when the doors opened up again to show a very extravagant room, with gaming chairs in front of the TV's and the comfiest computer desk chairs. They both fell to their knees with tears in their eyes. "You can come back down here later," I laughed, "we'll skip our floor since we'll be going there soon, so next is the fifth floor, labeled "VN" for Vit and Nera, and yes they know how to use the elevator too." A few seconds later the doors opened up to a forest with everything available for them, their food, a man made pond, the same weather as it is outside, except rain, we made it be foggy mist instead of rain, plants are all real, and a nest for them to sleep in. Though right next to the door there is a couple hooks for their harnesses and leashes, and road trip stuff. "We'll be using these tomorrow when you take us to get me a kitten." I said to Luke.

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