Chapter Five

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The moment the sun began it's assent, Vit jumped on my face, while Nera tried pulling the covers down. Vit's idea was more effective, so I shoved him off my face. Sitting up, I pulled Nera to me and wrapped her around me. I glanced over at my clock, wondering what time it was, 5:23.

"Ugh, really guys you couldn't wait maybe two more hours?" They both shook their heads saying no. "Well, I'm gonna meditate for an hour or so, because no pet store is open this early you know. I'll let you out now so you can bother the others instead of me OK?" I said sleepily opening my door. Vit ran out and Nera slithered off me and out the door before I shut it. Walked over to my vault lock opened it up to my meditation room and set an automatic timer to open it back up after my hour is up.

"Vit!!" I heard Ace yell before dashing into my chamber and locking myself in. I could hear my door open and Ace groaning, "ah, come on Aki, it's 5:30 am on a day off," he said to my vault door.

'Take them outside for a walk or let 'em sit out on the deck.' I responded in the link.

'How long is the timer?'

'An hour.'

'I'll go make breakfast then.'

'Oh! Make me those yummy fluffy waffles please!'

'Kay, I'll let mom and dad know you're up if they're already down in the kitchen.'

'Thanks Ace! Love ya!'

'Yeah, yeah, happy birthday.'

Oh yeah, it's my birthday... Well I'll be out in an hour so I'll think more about it later. In all honesty, when I'm in here I don't meditate. I actually have someone I've been talking through a link I discovered when I was five. One that isn't a pack link.

'Hey you up yet? Vit and Nera just woke me up and I can't go back to sleep.'

'Yeah, I just woke up too. Were you on a hunt with someone? You normally talk more when you're hunting alone, but I haven't heard from you for a week. I was starting to wonder if you'd remember that it's our birthday today.'

'Yeah, I was with Ace. But I wouldn't forget, even if we were still out on a our hunt I'd still find the time today to talk even if I had to go sit somewhere away from prying eyes.'

'That's true'

'Oh, we rescued a whole pack yesterday from a stupid tyrant Alpha on our way back and one of them seems to be Ace's mate.'

'Oh? So almost a year of looking and he finally finds her? That's awesome! What about you any sense of a mate yet?'

'I don't think so, I mean it's difficult to know before the first shift, what about you?'

'Nope, I haven't shifted yet either.'

'Ah, no reason in asking you then hahaha.'

Time skip

We'd been talking about all the random things that went on the past week, when my timer went off and my vault opened up.

'Looks like my time is up for now so I'll talk to ya later.'

'OK, talk to ya later then, if I find my mate before you I'll let you know.'

'Hahaha, I'll do the same.' With that I got up took a quick shower threw on a pair of jeans, a grey spaghetti strap shirt, a black flannel, and my favorite pair of heals. Of course I also put on my ears and tail. We didn't have them on yesterday so our new friends haven't seen them, I think. After being satisfied with my outfit, I walked out of my room where Vit was patiently waiting.

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