Chapter Three

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"How would it be that easy, unless your father knows them?" The guy asked, I'm starting to think him and his clueless mind is kinda cute....

"Ugh never mind that... Do you guys want a way out or not?" I grumbled out.

"Well yeah, I still don't know what you mean though."

"How many pack mates?"

"Um 150 at most?" Keeping his questioning look on his face.

"OK." I said, then speed dialed dad.

'Hey kiddo, what's up? You on your way home?'

"Hey daddy! Yes we are on our way, but we ran into something.... do we have room for about 150 more wolves?"

'Uh, yeah? Why what's up?'

"Oh there's this pack who have a really bad alpha and they have to stay with him because no other pack would have the room or money to add them. Is it alright if we take them in?"

'Yeah sure.'

"Alright I'll go take care of the Alpha now thanks daddy!"

'That's my girl and no problem. Bye love!'

"Bye!!" I said then hung up the phone. "Alright, now that you guys have a new place tell all the pack mates who want to leave to pack up everything and get ready to leave for their new homes."

"Wait... you mean your dad is alpha Natsume?"

"Duh, I said getting a hold of him is as easy as speed dialing my dad." I stated.

"So that's how you know about them I guess..."

"Now then, you two," I said pointing other two, "take my brother to go meet up with your pack, and you....?" I trailed off hinting for a name.

"Luke, Luke Knight." He provided.

"OK, Luke, you shall take the two of us to your Alpha I have something to... uh... discuss with him...?" I said the last words a little slower.

"Kay?" With that Ace bottled up his presence once again. The two guys changed and hoped into my truck with Ace.

"Know how ride one of these?" I asked Luke as I pulled the other motorcycle down. "Ace your keys!"

"Yeah." He responded as he caught the keys Ace through at him.

"Cool, hop on behind me hun." I said as the fox changed into a short girl about my age and hopped on my bike. "By the way, what's your name?"

"Fushigi Vulpes, miss Luna." She bowed behind me.

"Haha, two things love, one I don't like titles, and two it's Alpha to be." I said turning around. Ash and Luke both were looking at me with with shocked faces. "My brothers name is Ace Hitman, and mine is Aki Hitman, just so you know." I finished. "Show the way Luke."

"Um... Right, this way." He started up the bike and rode with us right behind him. Couple of minutes passed as we pull up to the Alpha's "mansion" which was the size a one of our pack mates houses. Luke lead us up to where his Alpha is.

"So you brought her back alive? I thought I told you to kill her." The Alpha said without looking up.

"Ah so it's true what Luke said then," his head shot up, I turned to Luke, "Luke please stand outside the door and don't let anyone inside, until I say so." I said with a smile.

"You don't command him! I do! Luke kill them both now!" He roared.

"Tsk, tsk, you naive alpha, you have no control of him anymore," I glared a little at him as Luke walked outside the room shutting the doors behind him.

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