Chapter Six

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"Well... That... That was unexpected. I mean my red eyes and white hair aren't normal and I certainly didn't get 'em from you guys." I said looking up. "You guys really haven't read this yet?"

"No, why?"

"Here," I passed the letter to mom and dad, they're still family because they raised me. Luke set the one he was holding back in the box.

"Well, that's interesting, can I read that one too? When they're done with it of course." Luke asked.

"Come over here and you can read it with us, darling." Mom said, indicating the space between them. He then awkwardly shuffled over to them. As he passed me, I noticed he smelled like chocolate covered strawberries, spearmint, lemon, and somehow watermelon. four of my favorite things. Wait why those? Did he know? How did he make himself smell like that... I want to smell like that at all times!

"Aki, you alright?" Luke asked after pausing and slowly turning around. I came to my normal state of mind. Why was I obsessing over his scent?

"Uh, yeah. Why?"

"You were just growling when I got closer to your parents... You sure you're OK?"

"I was growling?"

"Yes darling," she said. Mom and Dad were both smirking trying to distinctively glace at Luke. "Tell me, what do you smell?"

"Chocolate covered strawberries, spearmint, lemon, and watermelon... Why?"

"And where does the smell come from?"


"And why do you think that?" 

-mate- I hear in the back of my mind. I looked up, a massive electrical shock ran up my spine, followed by a splitting migraine. "Uh, um, can we hold off on that thought? I need to go outside now." I painfully breathed out.

'Hey Ryan, I'm shifting and I think I found my mate just before this started...' I thought painfully, 'and apparently I have a twin named Ryan.... Are you possibly my twin, Ryan?"

'Uh, I think so because mom just told me about having a twin sis, that and I'm shifting to... In the name of Satan this really freaking hurts, and no fair! You get the calming effect of you're mate while shifting' he grunted. 

'That's right... Oh and when you're done let me know, I'll give you a marker to find me.' "Luke can you come here? Help me out and over the ledge..."

"Yeah sure... Wait over the ledge? We are on the second level, which is slightly higher than normal!" He said. The three of us looked at him like he was stupid for asking that, dad then face palmed himself.

"That's right, he's normal. Honey can you get, Aki I'll get him down too."

"Yeah, OK Aki are you ready?"

"Yup, let's hurry though."

"Wait, wait, wait... What do you mean normal?" Luke asked just before the both of us were scooped up in my parents arms. They then dashed to the door jumping off the balcony. All I hear at this is a yelp after leaving the balcony.

"Relax, we're on the ground now, you can take your claws out my arm and shoulder." Dad said nonchalantly.

"Huh? No broken bones? What?"

"Darn, I would have loved to see his face at that moment." I laughed in pain. Dad then shot me his memory of it. "Ahahahahahahaha, owwwwwww. Luke, get over here now!"

"Right, coming Lo- uh- Aki," he stammered. 

"Ugh, jeez, I already know! Now sit and let me use your lap as a pillow!" I growled out, my voice changing to a sweet tone I heard earlier when it said mate, he did as he was told, and the moment my head touched his lap my migraine instantly stopped. Every time he pet my arm, the pain in the rest of my body slowly disappeared. My painful body turned numb to the pain. Every few seconds, I'd hear a pop with a little discomfort, but no more intense pain. I do feel bad for Ryan now though, having to go through that alone. After a few minutes everything stops shifting around.

"Hey, uh, could you get off now? Your new form is huge and heavy."

"Yeah, sorry... What do I look like?"


Hey guys sorry for the short chapter, I wanted to a least post something, I've been out looking for my cat mostly.... I haven't seen nor heard her since I left for work this morning and I came home about 6 pm, and in our area we have coyotes, one of our neighbors said he saw some in our apartment garbage bins, so I'm kinda freaking out right now, I'll try to make next chapter longer than normal though. Plus I still owe you guys extra chapters. So be a little more patient with me, I swear I will give what's promised.

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