Chapter One

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Almost eighteen years later...

One week. I have one week, till the day I turn 18, till I shift into my wolf, and more importantly till I can finally let my bottled up presence spill out. My parents and older brother are the only ones who know how powerful I am, everyone else thinks I'm an omega born into the Alpha family. My mother, Silvia Hitman, has long, beautiful silver-brown hair with silver-blue eyes. My father, Natsume Hitman, has neon red hair and silver-grey eyes. They both act like they are my age, dad more than mom though. Dad even has a habit of dressing in cosplay, mostly as a neko - even though he's a wolf - with red contact lenses. My brother, whom is a year older than me, has jet black hair and turquoise eyes. Ace, that's his name, picked up dad's hobbies, and is overprotective of me. He was supposed to be the next alpha but at the age of 9 I accidentally used my Alpha presence - which made all the creatures, human and animal alike - in a 10 mile radius go into submission. From then on Ace refused to be the next Alpha, saying I was more suited to being Alpha. We decided to keep it a secret from the rest of the pack. Only the Current Betta knows who the next Alpha is when Ace turns 20. That's the age our pack names the successor to take their position in the pack. Our pack name is Stealth Shadow, weird name, I know, but it's perfect for us because we are the strongest, most feared pack in the U.S., when we have a job. See, our pack isn't normal aside from the alpha family's hobbies. It's because we are a pack of assassins or bounty hunters. We are located in the northern part of Nevada. Of course I'm the strongest among our pack, but no one knows it, except mom, dad, Ace, the current Betta, and some police officers, the rest all think I'm the omega because I hide my presences to that of an omega. For that reason I get called for the more dangerous missions that are labeled "Top Secret". But only till I turn 18 will I keep this secret though and again that's in two weeks, which there is also the possibility that I'll get to meet my mate.

By the way, my name is Aki, I dye my hair a redish pink and use greenish silver colored contacts. "Why?" You may ask. Well, that's because my natural hair color is white and my eyes are originally red. Freaky, yes, I know. This is the reason I was bullied as a kid, hence Ace being overprotective now. After Elementary school I was taken out of school and home schooled. So now when mom and dad weren't teaching or training me, Ace helped train me in fields they didn't. And, there is one other thing, I had also picked up dad's hobby. The only difference, is I have it on all the time, even on jobs.

Going back to the original topic on hand, today. Today, exactly two weeks before my birthday. It's another normal weekend for me. Out on a mission. The target is a man on the most wanted list at all the police stations. Yes, the police hire us... too, while they look the other way on how we get them. There are some that are a little difficult on bringing in... alive. We get paid on high up they are on the list. Half the police force are wolves, with a few in the higher up positions. The job came at 3 o'clock in the morning.Officer Smoking Hot, as I like to call him, is always the office to call me if the target was dangerous enough to be on my hit list.

"Who's the target today, Officer Fal?"

"Hello and good morning to you too, Aki."

"Haha, hey."

"Your target is a tough one today, he's in the top five, come down to the station and I'll give you his file, and you might need your brother on this one."

"OK, I'll go wake him up... we'll be there in thirty minutes."

Hanging up, I get up and get in the shower, taking only five minutes. After drying off, I go to my walk in closet, slipped on my lacy undergarments. Stepped over to my pants section, and picked out a pair of black jeans. Selected my black heeled boots from the shoe rack under my pants and put slid them on. Then picked out a white, thin, long sleeved shirt and a black corset. After that I walked out of my closet and sat at my desk with a mirror and makeup. Put on a thin layer of foundation and powder, with a small amount of blush on my cheeks. Finally finishing off with a thick layer of eyeliner, a small amount of mascara and natural colored lip stick. Once I was finished with my make up, I put on my cat ears and tail that I created to be able to reflect our moods purrfectly, just like actual cats use them. Walking out of my room, I grabbed my bike keys, wallet, blow horn, and my leather jacket as I passed they're prospective areas. Sauntering into my brother's room and quietly shutting the door behind me, then stalked over to his bed and positioned the blow horn. Pressing the button down, Ace bolted outta bed, jumping maybe two, three feet in the air. All the rooms are soundproof from the inside, you can hear things that are outside the room but not the other way around.

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