Chapter 16

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A couple weeks passed by and it was finally Thanksgiving break.

David arrived for dinner around 2:00 pm on Thanksgiving.

"Hey babe," I gave him a quick kiss before bringing him to the table.

"I love stuffing," he said as he piled it onto his plate.

My mom chuckled, "I made plenty, take as much as you'd like."

"My mom makes the best stuffing," I assured him.

After dinner, David and I snuggled close to each other on the sofa in the living room.

My dad watched the game while Tiffany helped my mom clean up in the kitchen.

"So, you still taking those antidepressants?" I whispered.

"Yeah, unfortunately. But, I've been getting better, mentally, so I will stop having to take them soon."

I smiled.

After a couple of hours, David and I went back to his house. This time, we had another Thanksgiving dinner cooked by his mom and his aunt.

"Auntie, uncle, this is my girlfriend Alina," he introduced me to his family.

"It's very nice to meet you," said his aunt with a warm smile.

We sat down and started eating right away. I felt self conscious, not sure how his aunt and uncle felt about me. I hope they liked me though.

"Who wants pie?" said Darcy after we finished eating. I helped her clean the table up a little, to get on her good side even though she already really liked me.

"No thank you, I'm actually really full," I said, even though that was a lie and I just really don't like pie.

Afterwards, David and I went up to his room. I snuggled up in his arms. He lifted my chin up and kissed me, passionately.

This was the best Thanksgiving I've ever had. I couldn't wait until Christmas!


A few more weeks went by. It was holiday break. Final exams were coming soon which meant the second semester was slowly approaching. I had already bought Christmas presents for everyone which meant gifts for my mom, dad, Tiffany, and David.

It was Christmas Eve. I put on my red sweater dress and cat leggings.

"What the heck are you wearing?" asked my mom.

I showed off my tights, "aren't they adorable?"

She made a face but she didn't tell me to change, which was a good sign.

David came over early while my mom was still making dinner.

He held out a couple of gifts.

"Hi, David," said my dad.

"Hey Mike," he said, "my family got you guys a gift."

My dad took it from him, "thank you David, this was nice of you guys."

Over the past couple months, our families have gotten closer.

He gave me the second gift, "and this one is for you babe, my parents should be coming later but I was bored so I wanted to see you sooner."

I smiled, "thank you baby."

I went to the Christmas tree and pulled out a gift and gave it to David, "I got you something too!"

We snuck up to my bedroom so we could open our gifts in peace.

He opened up his gift first and pulled out the first thing, "pajama pants?"

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