Chapter 23

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I started to panic so I texted David.

Alina: David, please tell me you are okay...

He texted back after a few minutes or so.

David: I'm okay <3 I love you

I felt some relief knowing that Ethan hasn't tried killing him... at least not yet.

I waited anxiously until Alex and Ethan were taken out in handcuffs.

The rest of the school was dismissed early and as soon as I saw David, I jumped into his arms. I started sobbing.

"I thought I was going to lose you," I whispered.

"I know baby, I was so worried about you too."

We went home and my parents both hugged me. David stayed over for a little while.

"So 5 people were shot?" I asked him since he seemed to know the facts.

"Yeah, 4 died but only one is in critical condition," he said.

"Wow, that's so sad, was it anyone that we knew?" I asked.

"No, I don't think you knew any of them and I didn't know them either."

Even though I didn't know the victims, it still made me sad knowing that they were dead. It's so weird to think that you could go to school with so many people and still have no idea who they are.


School resumed for the rest of the week but I skipped a few days. The school counselors offered help to students grieving and nobody was really focusing on any schoolwork.

But, like all tragedies, everyone must move forward. It took me a while, but I slowly moved forward and things started to get back to normal.


Some time passed by, it was Valentine's Day.

During English class, some students from student council came down to pass out flowers and stuffed bears that they sold to be delivered today.

"David didn't send you one?" teased Mary Kate.

I rolled my eyes, "I'm sure he has something else planned for me."

After school, David pulled out a stuffed cat with some chocolates.

"Will you be my valentine?" he asked.

"Aw!" I squealed, "this is so cute."

"I knew you'd love it, I also got us tickets to see Phantom of the Opera tomorrow night."

"No way, really?! I've only ever dreamed of seeing that live."

"Oh I know, I can't wait to go too. I've also always wanted to see it live so this'll be a great experience for both of us."


It was Friday night. Today was the last day of school before mid winter break. Going to see The Phantom of the Opera was the perfect way to start the break.

"I'm so excited for this!" I squealed.

"I can tell," he chuckled.

We arrived and went into the opera house.

"Wow, this looks amazing!" I exclaimed.

"It sure does," he said.

We found our seats and soon enough, the show started.

It started off with a preface to the story and then the Phantom of the Opera theme song started and that's when the show began.

I watched in awe the entire time.

"So, what did you think?" he asked after the show on our way back home.

"It was everything I ever dreamed of," I said.

"I really liked it too, especially the chandelier."

"It was very beautiful," I said.

When I got home, I finished up some last minute packing since I had a flight to catch the following morning.


The next day, I woke up before my alarm could go off, that's just how excited I was!

I packed some last minute things and headed out the door.

We all piled our luggage into my dad's car since he was driving us to the airport.

"I still can't believe you're coming with us!" I said to David.

"Me neither, this is my first time leaving the country," he admitted.

"Well I hope you'll really enjoy it."

"Oh I'm sure i will," he said.

The drive to the airport was about an hour. When we arrived, we checked in our luggage and went through security.

"You don't have any weed on you, right?" I whispered.

"No, I'm not an idiot Alina," he said.


The alarm went off when David went through the metal detectors.

I rolled my eyes, they took away his Juul.

"Not an idiot huh," i mocked him.

He rolled his eyes, "I forgot I had it on me, chill. It's not like that's my only one either."

We picked up some snacks and then headed over to our gate.

"I've never flown on a plane before," he admitted.

"Really? It's pretty cool. We have about a 9 hour flight."

"What are we supposed to do for 9 hours?" he asked.

"Watch movies, sleep, listen to music, eat food," I said, "yeah that's pretty much it."

"Ah, sounds fun," he said sarcastically.

We finally boarded the plane and I sat in between David and Tiffany. I showed him how the mini screens work behind every seat and he looked like he'd never seen anything like it before.

After 9 long hours, it was finally time to land.

Everyone started clapping as soon as we landed.

"Why is everyone clapping?" David whispered.

"Polish people always do this after a flight, just go along with it," I said.

"Well, we're here!" said my mom.

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