Chapter 6

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I dreaded waking up the next morning, mainly because David was still mad at me. I haven't heard from him at all since yesterday.

I washed my face in the sink and I accidentally dropped my phone in there.

Oh no, I thought as I frantically tried turning it on. It still worked, the screen was just messed up.

Ugh great, what else could go wrong?

I finished getting ready and then I walked out the door. To my surprise, David was outside waiting for me.

"Hey," I said shyly.

"Hey," he said, "listen Alina, I'm sorry about last night. I shouldn't be prying and if you're not ready to talk about your past then that's fine. I really can't wait to see a movie with you this weekend and I'm excited for homecoming next week."

I couldn't help but to smile, "I forgive you."

He smiled back, "Great, glad I could get that off my chest. Let's go to school."

"Somebody To Love" played through the speakers. It almost seemed as though he chose his music to symbolize his feelings for me. Either that or I'm just overthinking it.

On my way to my first class, I got a text message.

Jane: Hey I won't be in class today, let me know if we have any homework!

"Are you sure you won't be going to homecoming?" I asked Agnes.

"Yeah I'm sure, but I probably will go next year," she chuckled.

"Homecoming is less than two weeks away and I still need a dress," i admitted.

"Ooh girl, you should get one soon! I can go shopping with you if you need a second opinion," she said.

"Yeah that sounds like fun. I'm actually going shopping with my mom on Sunday but you should come along."

"I will!" She exclaimed, "do you have a date yet?"

"Yeah I do actually," I smiled, "my neighbor who I've been crushing on asked me."

"Cool, I'm happy for you, I bet that'll be a lot of fun."

Afterwards, I went to health.

"Yo Alina!" I heard a voice cry out as I walked through the door. It was Drake, he was already sitting at his seat, practically waiting for me.

"What's up?"

"Are you going to homecoming?" he asked.

Oh no, was he going to ask me too?

"Yeah..." I said, mentally preparing for what he was going to ask next.

"Nice, with who?"

Now was my time to shine, I proudly stated, "David Jewel, he's a senior."

His smile faded away, "oh cool."

"Are you going?" I asked.

"Nah, I don't have anyone to go with anyways."

I gave him an apologetic nod.


Later on in math class, some random girl who I've never talked to came up to me.

"Hey, I heard you're going to homecoming with David," she said in a concerned tone.

"Yeah, do you know him?"

"Um yeah, you need to stay away from him."

I scoffed, "excuse me?"

"He's bad news, I'm just trying to look out for you. He dated my friend last year and he cheated on her not even a month later."

I thought for a second, there's no way he could've done that. I knew David and I knew he wasn't that kind of person.

"Thanks for the info but I'm going to do what I want since it's my life."

"Whatever," she frowned and walked away.

I couldn't believe her, she was probably only saying that because her friend was jealous that he's with someone else now.

After that, it was time for chemistry.

I turned around to face the mysterious Ethan.

"What's up?" he asked in a monotone voice.

"Do you know David Jewel?"

"Didn't he rape someone?"

I couldn't believe it, "you're making up shit."

"Yeah I guess I am."

I scoffed, why does everyone make up so many rumors in high school?

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