Chapter 1

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"Are we there yet?" I asked for like the millionth time.

"Okay, now we are.." replied my mom as we pulled into the driveway of our new house.

My sister Tiffany and I looked at it in awe.

The mover trucks already beat us there and they helped us move furniture and boxes into their appropriate rooms.

"I call this room!" I screamed as I ran into the bedroom on the second floor with a window that's facing east.

"Whatever, I wasn't going to take it anyways," Tiffany scoffed as she went to the room across from it. Tiffany didn't really engage in petty things anymore, she was a freshman in college while I was a sophomore in high school. I wish I was a freshman in high school though since it'll be so obvious that I'm new. If I were a freshman, everyone else would be new too so it wouldn't even matter.

The room was already painted lilac and I liked it so I kept it. My bed was on the opposite side of my room from the window, close to the door. I started unpacking my clothes and sorting them into my walk in closet. My dad helped me install some lights and a mirror so that I could feel like a runway model when I got dressed every morning.

After a while of unpacking, I decided to go downstairs and take a break to see how everyone else was doing.

"Just in time for dinner," said my mom.

My mom made spaghetti.

My whole family gathered around the table. It was my mom, my dad, my sister, and me of course.

"Do I smell cookies?" I asked.

"Yes!" replied my mom.

"How did you manage to set up the whole kitchen this fast?" I asked.

"Well, I did most of the work," my dad said.

"We still have so much to do, how are you two doing with your rooms?" asked my mom.

"Well, I'm pretty much done," I replied.

"Great!" said my mom as she got up. She put some fresh baked cookies in a Tupperware container and handed them to me, "I noticed the neighbors got home a little while ago and I thought what's a better way to break the ice than by bringing them some fresh baked cookies? You're the only one not busy so how about you make friends with the neighbors, huh"

I rolled my eyes, "fine, I'll do it.." I said as I started walking towards the door," but don't expect me to be back."

I shut the door and turned left on the sidewalk to head over to the neighbor's house.

I ranged the doorbell and waited. I saw an orange cat peeking through the window. Aww, I thought, I wish I had a cat.

The door opened and revealed an average height, sort of skinny, red haired guy with freckles and glasses. He was breathtaking.

"Uh, can I help you?" he asked.

I couldn't even find the words to talk.

"Uhh..." he said.

"Hey sorry, I'm Alina, my family and I just moved in next door and my mom baked some cookies." I held out the Tupperware container.

"Well, who's at the door?!" yelled out a woman's voice in the background.

A tall blonde lady, who looked like she was about in her 50s appeared by the door.

"Hi I'm Alina and I just moved in next door."

"Oh hi sweetie," she said, "come in!"

I went into their house.

"My husband is still at work but I'm sure he will enjoy eating these later," she said.

"I'm David by the way," said the boy next door.

I sat down at the table and we talked for a little while. I explained to them that my dad had to move for his new job and now I'll be going to Kennedy High School starting tomorrow.

"Oh that's great honey, David is actually starting his senior year there tomorrow!" she exclaimed.

He didn't talk much but I wouldn't either if my mom was dominating the whole conversation. I will need to be alone with him sometime to get to know him better.

"Well I better get going, it was nice meeting you David, and Mrs..."

"Oh honey, call me Darcy!" she exclaimed.

"Thank you again for having me over," I said, "bye!"

When I got home, I was greeted by my mom watching tv.

"So how are the neighbors?" she asked.

I melted. Oh, the boy is mediocre at best, maybe even ugly, but for some reason I was really attracted to him.

"Oh they're nice people mom," was all I said as I bolted up the stairs and into my room. I plopped down on my bed and just day dreamed about him. I decided to get up and take a quick shower so I started taking my clothes off before putting on my robe. As I was pulling my jeans down, I noticed some light in the corner of my eye. I looked up and saw through my window there was the window to my neighbor's bedroom.. and there he was, David staring at me. He noticed that I noticed and he quickly closed his blinds.

Did he like what he saw?

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