Chapter 17

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Exactly one week later, I'm putting on the sweater that David got me for Christmas along with the matching socks and the pajama pants that match each other. I sprinted over to David's house and he quickly opened the door for me.

"I've got the movies ready and the hot chocolate and the popcorn," he said, "we just need to pick up the food when we get hungry."

"I can't wait!" I said.

We decided to have a pajama party and watch movies all night on New Years Eve instead of partying this year. I lied down in his arms while he put on the first movie, which was Alice in Wonderland. We decided to have a Disney movie night. We ate popcorn and drank the hot chocolate that I got him for Christmas.

After the movie was over, we drove down the street and bought Wendy's. I decided to get chili and chicken nuggets, he got a burger and fries.

We put on the next movie, which was Lady and the Tramp and ate our dinner.

"You know," I interrupted the movie, "my birthday is coming up in 2 weeks!"

"Yeah I know," he smirked, "and it happens to fall on final exam week too."

I frowned, "I know, and it sucks, but we can still have fun."

"I have a few things planned for us," he said.

"Yeah? Like seeing your psychiatrist?" I asked excitedly.

He frowned, "I actually couldn't get an appointment until the end of January so I'll still be taking my meds around your birthday.. but I promise I'll be off of them soon. I've been feeling like myself again."

I half smiled, "that's okay babe, the longer we wait, the more we'll want each other."

He tickled me, "I already do want you so much."

"So do I," I said, leaning in for a kiss.

We watched movies for the rest of the night until it was 11:59.

"5," I said.

"4," he said.




We kissed. I had my first New Years Kiss. It didn't feel much different from any other kiss though, but it still felt nice knowing that David and I have been together for 4 months now.


I was woken up by my alarm but for once, I didn't dread it because it's my birthday!

I opened my eyes to pink, gold, and clear glitter balloons all over my room along with giant gold "16" balloons in the middle. A few gift bags were set on top of my bed by my feet. I grabbed the bags and started opening them. My first gift was a brand new small, black Michael Kors purse from my parents. The second gift bag had a spa kit that included nail polish, nail supplies, an organizer for all the nail stuff, face masks, bath bombs, and bath salts. I was amazed by all the stuff that I got! I couldn't wait to use it. I stuffed my wallet into my new purse so I could bring it to school today.

I went downstairs and saw that my mom had already prepared one of my favorite breakfast foods, which was cinnamon roll pancakes with rose gold, sparkly candles that said "16."

"Happy sweet 16," said my mom.

"Thank you!"

"Happy birthday, kid," said Tiffany.

"Happy birthday!" my dad chimed in.

"Thank you, and thank you for the gifts!" I said.

"Of course! I know you have exams starting tomorrow so we will hold off on celebrating your birthday until this weekend, have you decided where you want your birthday dinner?"

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