Chapter 21

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"We're going to Poland!" my mom exclaimed.

"No way!" I screamed, "I'm so excited!"

Our whole family lives in Poland and we don't get to see them too often. The last time we went to go visit them was back when I was still in middle school.

"Don't worry you two, I made sure to book the trip while you both have your mid winter break so you won't have to miss school," she said.

"Even if we did miss school, who cares?" I said.

"Uh, I do," said Tiffany, "college is not as easy as high school and if you miss a week, well good luck."

"Wait, why do we have 4 tickets? Is dad going with us this time?" I asked.

"No he isn't, he has to stay home and work," she said, "but I bought an extra ticket because Babcia wants to meet David."

My face beamed, "really?! Thank you thank you thank you! I know he will be thrilled to go."

I gave her a tight squeeze and then I ran back upstairs to text David.

Alina: what are your plans for mid winter break, babe? :)

David: work, work, work... and hopefully seeing you too... why?

Alina: well cancel that, how about we go somewhere?

David: what..?

Alina: come over for dinner tonight, and bring your mom! I'll explain everything.

After an hour, David and his mom came over.

My mom served ravioli.

"So for mid winter break, I'm taking my girls with me to visit family in Poland," my mom said.

"That's so nice," said Darcy, "I bet you guys will have a lot of fun."

"Well, I was hoping David would come along," she said.

"Oh, really?"

David gave me a look of excitement.

"I already bought the tickets and you don't need to pay me back or anything, you can think of it as a gift. I just thought since they've been together for quite a while now and they seem to be in love, I want my family to get a chance to meet him."

"Oh you didn't need to do that, let me pay you back for the ticket!" Darcy said, reaching into her wallet.

"Really it's okay, I just wanted to make sure it's okay with you that David comes with us."

"Well of course he can go," Darcy said looking over at her son, "and I hope you all have lots of fun."

"Thank you mom," he said, giving her a quick side hug.

I couldn't believe it, in just a few weeks, I'm going to be traveling the world with the love of my life!


"You're really pretty and I've had a pretty big crush on you for a while now..."

I stared at my phone with disbelief. I showed Mary Kate, who I've been hanging out with more and more outside of school. It was weird, we weren't that close in our English class and it wasn't until we both were invited to the same birthday party that we really hit it off.

"Ew, I'm surprised he even showed his face in that Snapchat, I'm disgusted," she said.

"Me too, and he knows I have a boyfriend, such an idiot."

I took a selfie with Mary Kate, captioned it "thanks buddy!!!", and sent it to Ethan.

He sent a video back.

"What the..." I said, scared to open the Snapchat.

"Well, let's see what it is," Mary Kate said eagerly.

I tapped it and it ended up being a video of him jerking off his dick.

"EW!" we both screamed in unison.

"Why was it so small?!" shrieked Mary Kate.

"I don't know!" I screamed as I blocked him.


My phone vibrated late Sunday night.

I looked at the sender, it was an unknown number.

Unknown: don't come to school tomorrow.

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