1: My Parents are Missing! Yippee!

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I'm sitting in a limousine. Apparently my mom was a twin, but she got adopted. The limo belongs to my uncle, who is sitting right across from me.

Cool, right? Not cool.

Should I explain how I got here? Yeah, I probably should.

Percy PoV

When I knock on the door, There is silence. So, naturally, I try to open it.

It's unlocked.

"Mom?" I step inside.

"Paul?" I look around.

Empty. It's like they just vanished. I can't find a trace of where they are. There's food in the fridge. Clothes in the washer.

I notice some things are out of place. That vase belongs on the next shelf up. The calendar isn't marked off to this day.

I try calling them on the house phone. No answer.

I call Goode. Mr. Blofis has had a sub for the past few days.

I talk to the neighbors. They don't know when Mom and Paul left, but they haven't seen them in a while.

One of them suggests calling the police. So that's kinda what I do. I walk to the police station.

When I walk in, I ask an officer where I can report a missing persons. I follow his point.

"Excuse me, Ma'am?" I ask.

"What do you need, kiddo?" She looks up from her desk.

"I can't find my mom and stepdad. I was hoping someone here might be able to help me?"

"Did you try calling?"

"She's not at home. The neighbors don't know, the school where my stepdad works doesn't know. They haven't answered their phones either." I supply.

"You sure they didn't take a little getaway?"

"I'm very sure, Ma'am."

She looks at me apologetically. "How long have they been gone?"

"Umm... Eight days, I think."

"You dont know?"

"I was at summer camp. Just came home to visit."

She looks at me with her mouth scrunched up. "You got any family you can stay with?"


"Alright. So here's what we're gonna do."

She sends me to someone who can help with the missing persons report. We fill all that out while they look for any distant relatives and such.

I'm a minor. They have to put me somewhere. It doesn't take very long, surprisingly.


Tony PoV

"Sir, you have a call from the NYPD."

"What do they want, JARVIS? 'Cause if it's about those guys we caught yesterday..."

"It appears to be a personal matter, Sir."

"Non-work related? Put them on." I say.

"Mr. Stark?"

"Yes, that's me. Why are you calling?"

"Were you aware that you had a sister?"

"Excuse me?" I ask, nearly choking on my water.

"You had a twin sister, Mr. Stark."

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