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Writer of 'Take The Risk'

I started writing when I was about 12/13 and it started off as a complete joke. A way to kill time when I spent the weekends at my dads. It was a small quiz site and my story got a few loyal readers, that's when I started to actually write. The website started to slowly die out and I was introduced to Wattpad by a friend of mine in 2012. Most of us start off just to read, but I told myself what do I have to lose? That's when I started writing my current story Take the Risk.

That story and I have been through everything together; from feeling inspired, to suffering writer's block, to giving up on my writing altogether. It took me I think a total of two years to actually complete it. I had writer's block for the longest time and I felt like writing wasn't meant for me.

It was really hard, but seeing the comments on my book, even if it was just one reader, made me realize that my story meant something to someone. And to myself. I also wanted to be able to say hey, guess what? I wrote a complete story. Not many people can say that. Even if it seems like there's a million writers on Wattpad, we make up a small percentage of this world. Write your own story.

My story has been up since 2013. It hit one million reads in December of 2016, that's three years later. It hit two million reads in December of 2018. That's another two years after. And just less than a week ago I hit #1 in Teen Fiction. That's a total of five years. Good things take time. Don't feel angry with yourself if your story doesn't get the attention that you want right away.

In the meantime, use the time to focus on your writing, and improve it. Very few writers start off perfect. Even J.K Rowling has been rejected, but that's part of the process. The edit button has been my best friend these past years. My writing has changed drastically, so I'm always trying to use the feedback I get to improve my writing. Practices make perfect.

If you want to write, write. One day you'll feel like your writing could be a bestseller, and the next you'll want to rip your hair out because you can't even write a sentence. That's the art of writing, though. That's why if you want to write, write. Write everything that comes to mind and let it pour all over your paper, or your screen, or whatever. And then edit. Just let words flow out of you naturally.

Find things that inspire and motivate you. Music, fuzzy socks, coffee, the smell of your favorite candle, anything. But find something that helps you write, or at least feel at ease when you're having trouble writing, because you can do it. It doesn't matter what anyone else says or thinks. If you want to write, write.

I never told anyone that I had written a whole book until I got my publishing contract, but that's because I didn't write for them. I was writing for me. It's what makes my the happiest girl in the whole world. Being a writer helps you discover a whole other side to you that you didn't know existed.

It's a constant battle with your mind and heart, but it's worth it. So if you want to write, write. It's better to start today and have no regrets, than to wish you could've started sooner, because good things take time.

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