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Writer of 'This is (sort of) a Foolproof Plan'

My personal experience is still really mixed. The truth is, a writer will always have varying degrees of self-doubt—no matter how many people tell you that they like what you've created, you'll struggle to proudly champion your work. There will always be issues with what you write, especially in your first book. But that's okay!

You learn and keep growing and you never stop. I used to get Cs in "freshman" English and I began to write and write and write to improve! I got ultimately full marks in my English language poetry & prose GCSE.

No level on online success defines your skill, but putting it out online can help you get into good writing habits, inspiring you to do more. Wattpad ultimately motivated me to write my first novel and I worked and worked and worked after that to learn how to properly write a story. 'Success' from popularity is a bonus, not required.

Now I'm working with an amazing mentor (who's being published with Simon & Schuster) on my second novel and I hope to start querying agents next year!

What do you do when you have Writer's Block?

I sit my ass down at a computer, put on a 30 minute timer, tell myself to stay the hell there, start typing whatever randomness comes to me and ta da, I've got words.

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