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Writer of 'Bad Girls'

i started wattpad five years ago and i joined because it was more convenient to read the stories on this platform with an account than as an anon. honestly, i can't remember much about the first story i posted. it was probably a train wreck of horrible grammar and limited vocabulary mixed with a below-average storyline so i wasn't, and probably still am not, proud of it. yet, when i started to put true effort into writing, posting the stories made me feel, for the lack of a better word, powerful. it made me feel like i had the potential to expand my horizons and write stories that aren't thought of or tried by other writers. it also helped me improve my english by a mile.

many authors, both on wattpad and off, influenced my writing to become the one it is in this day and age. my style of writing is influenced mainly by teen fiction + young adult writers, all mashed together to create what you see now today. a word of advice, it's always better to write using your own writing style and never try to conform too much into the standards set by others because if you do that, you're losing originality.

inspiration can be hard to gain at times. for me, when i hit a roadblock, i tend to just take a break from writing and move to reading to 'refresh' myself. it can be taxing for some to continuously write with no end so be sure to know how to pace yourself so that each paragraph of your story is filled with as much wonder and content as the last. last piece of advice i can give is to probably have fun. explore the genres and constantly challenge yourself. the sky isn't the limit.

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