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Writer of 'The Bad Boy's Toy'

My name is Sarai Amores and this is my Wattpad story.

When did you join Wattpad?

I first Joined Wattpad on August 25th of 2015. At that point I had fallen head over heels in love with reading and discovered my passion for writing too. I was actually writing short stories and poems on my Microsoft Word program on my laptop, but I wanted to get my stories out there so badly, so that's when I discovered Wattpad.

Did anyone prompt you to join Wattpad?

No one had really prompted me to join. Wattpad at the time was something not many people knew about and I had never heard of it before until I searched for something like it on Google.

How did it feel like when you posted your first story on Wattpad?

It was nerve wracking. I was terrified and excited all at once. I was fifteen my writing was pretty bad to say the least. I didn't know what to expect, would people hate my book? Would they love it or make fun of it or would no one even give it a passing glance? I am a super impatient person when it comes to things I'm excited about, but I think the best thing about being a Wattpad Writer is to watch your book get more and more reads with votes and watch it grow.

Who/What influenced your writing?

I was homeschooled most of my life, I didn't have many friends because of that and I had a younger sister, but we never could seem to understand each other as we were very different. So I had discovered that I had always had a love for reading. It was an amazing way to escape that loneliness and go somewhere new, be someone new. Then I discovered that I could literally write my own destiny. If I wanted to be someone and go somewhere I could write it and be there. That passion influenced my writing greatly.

What inspires you to write your stories?

- People. People inspired me to write my stories. Different names of people I would meet, seeing the way someone dressed or acted. Even traveling to different places watching the people there and what they do when they think no one is watching is so inspiring. Like you could sit there and see a girl checking out at a grocery story, but she's so focused on her phone that she doesn't see the way the cashier guy is looking at her. Not only that, but when people comment on my stories and they tell me 'Wow this book is so relatable.' That's all I've ever wanted. Was for my readers to feel like they are understood and that we're not all so different after all, that they aren't alone.

What is your advice to new writers?

New writers my advice to you would be absolutely step out of your comfort zone when it comes to your writing. Don't be afraid to say what you want to say, write what you want to write about because you want to play it safe. Don't be afraid to pour your emotions into your writing and open the flood gates of your imagination because when your mad, sad, happy, confused, frustrated, love sick that is when the best writing comes out.

What do you do when you have a Writer's Block?

When I get writers block I go for a walk. I go to the mall and just walk and listen and pay attention to my surroundings because someone, something, a total accident, or purposeful event could spark you with inspiration in any second. Oh, and Starbucks always helps of course.

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