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Having arguments were now common between you and your boyfriend. Suga always sticking around his so called friend while she clearly hates you.
It was Saturday night , while you were preparing to get ready for a date with suga as he got two days off from his work. You were almost done doing light makeup when the ringing sound of his phone echoed the hall.
" yes?" He said
" oh God " " are you alright? " " yeah just hang on I'll be there in 5 minutes"

I sighed as I understood what's going to happen next.
"Y/n " he shouted calling my name.
" yes?" I replied with a straight face.
" yuna just cut her finger accidentally I have to go , she was crying like hell" he said worriedly.
" seriously? For just a finger cut you are again going to ditch our date" I said rolling my eyes.
" she's hurt y/n try to understand , and we will go next time " he said picking up his keys and exiting .
I dropped down on the floor and cried , even though I already told him that he is just getting fooled by her , its clearly evident that she wants us to breakup so that she can have him . But every time I say these things he gets aggressive and shouts at me.
Crying for hours I glanced at the clock it was past 2 and he haven't returned yet .

After thinking a lot I came to a decision to just pack my things up and leave the house. I no longer wanted to stay with him because it fucking clear that he cares for her more than me.
I quickly packed my thing and left the house while keeping the note on the table which I wrote for him to tell that things have ended between us.

Although I left the house I had no place to go , I didn't have friends except for his band mates , and my parents already died in a car crash. At first I thought of asking help from the boys but suga would any how will find me if I live with them. I started to walk, as tears made their way down my face.

Meanwhile suga's POV
I came to yuna's house , she was sitting on the couch holding her finger. I rushed to her embracing her in a hug, She hugged me tighter . I wiped her tears and grabbed the first aid kit to clean her cut.
" thanks suga for coming here " she said smiling at me.
We talked for hours , I looked at my watch and it was past 2 , I wanted to leave because y/n was not happy whenever I came for yuna, but yuna is my friend. How can I leave her while y/n always tells me that Yuna loves me and wants me to breakup with her. I never believed y/n's words.
" yuna I will be taking a leave now,y/n must be waiting for me " I said , but all I saw was an angry yuna glaring at me.
" what happened yuna?" I asked her politely .
" why do you always go to y/n " she said.
Confused with her sudden anger I replied " because she's my girlfriend "
" can't you leave her" she said coming closer to me ,her anger now changed into seductive smirk.
" no I love her a lot " I said taking a step away from her.
" you can love me as well because you always leave her for me whenever I call you , then why not leave her forever and be mine" she said leaning closer.
I widened my eyes and a sudden guilt struck me like a lightening bolt. I realized that I always leave the love of my life for a friend who is clearly just seducing me right now . y/n was always right about her . I shook my head away and backed up from her .
" I never expected this form you yuna , I was always there for you but all you did was to try to break y/n and I apart."" Goodbye "
I said picking up my jacket and slamming the door behind me.
It was already raining heavily, and the thunder gave it a scary look.
Y/n is scared of thunder I have to go as quick as possible.
Starting the engine I drove to our place.
The thunder got worse but I just hope she's OK . I really need to apologize to her , because all I did was to hurt her all this time.

Ringing the rhe door bell for quite a long I grabbed my keys opening the door only to be welcomed by silence . I rushed to our room but it was empty , my eyes scanned our wardrobe but all I could see was my clothes , " she-- she left me" I said to no one but myself as tears rolled down my cheeks.
I saw a paper laying on the table . I made my way towards it only to find out that she left me...
" suga
I am writing this to tell you that I am leaving , I don't know where to but yeah I am leaving this house and our relationship behind. Thank you for giving me amazing time of yours although it was very less because of yuna but yeah thank you . I love you


My heart broke into pieces as I rushed outside with a hope to find her.

The storm was getting worse but I had no where to go , I wandered around the streets , my clothes were all soaked up and I was actually freezing.
The thunder was giving me chills as I sat down beside a tree , bring my knees to my chest , hugging myself. It was freezing at this hour with no human in my sight. I was surprised when someone tapped my shoulder , he looked like a middle aged man.
" what are you doing outside at this hour its middle of the night ?"
I was hesitant to reply to him but then said " I have nowhere to go" my tears were now dried up but my voice was soar.
" come with me then at my place " he said trying to hide his evil smirk .
He then touched my arm making me really uncomfortable.
" no.. I ....I am o...K you can go " I said trying to avoid going with him.
" see because of this cold weather you are stuttering ." he said smirk plastered on his face.
" I said I don't want to go with you. " I harshly took my hand away and grabbed my bag and walked in a different direction. Soon he forcefully tried to grab me and started dragging me away. I was continuously struggling under his grip , he gave me a few punches so that he could easily control me. I dropped my bag way behind and kept on struggling while he kept me dragging to an unknown place.

Suga's POV
I was in my car looking for her , there was no sign of human at his hour only the thunder ,and rain was heard .Searching for half an hour almost I saw a familiar bag laying on the path. I stopped the car and ran towards it , it was indeed y/n's bag but why is it laying here and where the hell is she?
'Y/n please be OK' I mumbled under my breath , I ran in a certain direction, soon after running I saw a girl struggling under a man who was clearly dragging her against her will . I rushed towards them just to realize it was y/n . she was crying and trying to free herself from his grip.

Wasting no time I punched that guy ,resulting him to get knocked out.
I turned to look at y/n who seems to be in a really bad condition . I quickly hugged her , but she didn't hugged me back instead I felt all of her weight on me while her hands hanging on sides .

While I was being dragged all I could think was yoongi , he might not even know that how I am right now he must be with his friend yuna.
Suddenly someone came and punched the guy hard on the ground, as I got free from his grip I saw the one who saved me. "Yoongi" my voice was inaudible at the moment because of all the yelps I did a while ago. I felt my energy to drain out and my head getting dizzier , yoongi hugged me while I passed out.

Suga's POV
I picked her up and quickly made my way to my car putting her on the seat beside me. I looked at her, eyes all puffy while her lips were almost white , she looked extremely pale .

Arriving at our house the first thing I did was to change her clothes so that she might not feel cold . After changing both of our clothes I laid her on the bed covering her with blankets. She was still passed out and showed no signs of waking up. I checked her forehead by placing my hand on it and it was burning up right now.
I grabbed some medicines and sat beside her .
" please wakeup baby" I said as tears streamed down my face . I felt her hands twitch while she slightly opened her eyes " yoongi" she took my name but it only came out as a whisper as if she lost her voice.
Tears started to came out of her eyes as she cried harder.

I brought her near my chest embracing her in my arms , we stayed like that for a while . " I m so sorry baby I should not have neglected you , or fight with you for that bitch . I just realized it today that everything you said was right . I am sorry , you know for once I thought I m never gonna see you again and that I lost you forever. I was so scared if something would have happened to you I would have never forgiven myself. I am really sorry baby" I said
" its OK " that's all she managed to say . I know right now she can't say more so I gave her the medicine while she smiled at me , her eyes were still red and puffy and she looked drained out.
We slept that night in each other's embrace and I am glad that she forgave me.

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