v (lonely)

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It was Sunday morning when I woke up alone again. My boyfriend V was on his tour , doing concerts and all and here I m missing him .
Its been two months since I last saw him, a week since I have talked to him.
Being alone all day is making me crazy , I m getting depressed day by day plus I m over thinking a lot.
What if he found someone better than me, what if he is cheating on me .
Such types of thoughts keep knocking my brain once in a while.
I tried Calling all the members but no one picked up,the guys were my only friends making things worse for me.
During the day I just took a shower ,ate and slept .
I texted him " babe please call me "
" I m feeling lonely without you "
" u there "
" reply please"
But there was not even a single response from his side .
I walked inside the bathroom taking the box full of sharp blades.
I didn't even think of it once before slashing my arms making red lines blood slowly coming out. Its been a month since I m doing this .
But today my mind just gave up its self control as I cut deep on my wrist , the bleeding started to get heavy , I then rested my head back on the wall as tears spilled from my eyes , my head started spinning and I felt dizzy.

Just then I heard the main door opened revealing excited voices of the boy
I regretted doing this
" baby where are you?" Tae  shouted
" baby come here I m sorry for making you wait but there is a surprise for you" he said excitedly

I could here the other members calling my name .
I tried to get up but all I could see was darkness soon I fell on the ground with a loud thud.

There will be a part 2 for this

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