jungkook (frustrated)

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It was past 1am but here I was still waiting for my boyfriend jungkook to come back from his practice , although I understand that being an idol is a very difficult job but he should at least call me and tell when will he be free.

One more hour passed but there was no sign of him , I was getting tired but sleeping without him was near to impossible , I tried calling him again but his phone was switched off.

Another hour passed when the door was opened harshly , it was evident that his mood was off. I controlled my anger and tried talking to him
" hey baby" I said faking a smile
" oh u r still awake" he said walking past me to the couch
" well I was waiting for you" I said

He just ignored
" why didn't you picked up your phone "I asked making sure not to annoy him
" it died"he said , he was completely exhausted
" baby come on eat something "I said gesturing towards the food
" I m not hungry" he said slightly annoyed
" why baby, you have practiced a lot today you should eat something besides I am also really hungry I didn't had dinner hoping to have with you and yeah I was tel..... "I was cut off by him shouting at me
" SHUT UP y/n  just shut the hell up "" I have been practicing the whole day and when I m here to relax a bit you r being a chatterbox stop talking with me I don't want to eat your bloody food ,the food you make doesn't even taste good and if you r hungry just eat it stop asking me " he said anger filled in his eyes

At the moment I was completely shocked jungkook has never raised his voice on me and he always used to tell that my food tastes good. I tried fighting the tears but they just came out .
Jungkook left me standing in the hall while he walked inside our bedroom shutting the door aggressively.

I sat on the couch stunned by his sudden outburst , bring my knees up to my chest curling up in a ball I cried . My stomach was empty at the moment I was really hungry but after all this I didn't even want to eat something . I eventually fell asleep on the couch .

Jungkook's POV
I shouted at her but now I was feeling guilty . Why did I raised my voice at her I have done this ever to anyone ? She was just trying to feed me ughh why did I insulted the food she makes, she's one of the best cooks I really like her food , why do i have to take all my frustration on her .
I opened the door just to find her sleeping on the couch curled up . i walked towards her and saw her eyes swollen from all the crying .I m such a jerk. I picked her up gently making sure to not to disturb her and went to our room, placing her on the bed . But before I can make her position comfortable she opened her eyes which were still red.
" jungkook I m sorry for making you stressed " she said in a low voice
I was feeling even more guilty for taking out my frustration on her earlier.
" no baby I m sorry I m really sorry , today I was so stressed because our music video is coming soon and we had to shoot multiple times I was a jerk for shouting at you I m really sorry " I said while holding her hand
" its okay jungkook " a tear escaped her eye as she said
" no baby please don't cry I m genuinely sorry I will never raise my voice on you please baby forgive me " " and yeah the food you make is the best food I have eaten so far" I said looking directly into her eyes
She smiled a bit and wrapped her arms around me saying
" please now eat something "
" I have already eaten the food you made" I said teasing her

" yaaahhh jeon jungkook you!! did you ate everything ughhh I m starving how could you eat everything when u already knew I was hungry" she said standing on bed
I giggled on how cute she looked while saying all that
" baby I didn't eat I was just kidding now come on let us both eat and then cuddle" I said picking her bridal style walking towards the dinning table .

Later that night we cuddled and fell asleep in each other's arms.

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