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I felt a bit bad for ignoring y/n its been a week since I have responded to her msgs but I have been planning a big surprise for her . I bought a lavish house and car for her so as soon as I entered the house with the boys I was welcomed by silence . I wondered where could she be . I called for her shouting her name excitedly but she didn't responded.
Suddenly I heard a loud thud from upstairs I ran as fast as I could . I bragged in the room but found no one I quickly twisted the doorknob of the restroom the boys following behind me .
The sight I saw was heart break , there she was lying on the ground looking lifeless . I quickly held her in my arms putting her head on my lap which was bleeding maybe because of the fall.
" jin hyung call the ambulance " I shouted , he immediately left the room to call the rescue team asap. Tears started falling from my eyes,why did u have to be so stupid I knew she had depression and she get stressed quiet often I shouldn't have ignored her call'  others were shocked scared and jungkook was actually bawling his eyes out.
I wrapped a handkerchief of her wrist to prevent further blood loss.
Soon the ambulance arrived and I went with her others behind was following in a car.
She was taken in emergency room and doctors told me not to get high hopes but they will try their best.

Suga hyung came to me and hugged me tight , assuring me that she will be fine but I was feeling weird as if I am about to lose her. We waited for like hours and I this time I was just praying for her to be alive .
The doctors came and told me her condition was stable but she still was unconscious.
I thanked the doctor and went inside the ward to check up on her .
There she was lying her hand covers with several bandages I slowly kissed her forehead and sat by her side.
It was midnight , rest of the boys went cuz they were really tired , I stayed by her side when I dozed of to sleep.
Feeling someone's hand ruffling my hair I shot my eyes open only to find the love of my life smiling at me.
" I missed your smile baby" I said giving a peck on her lips
" just the smile not me?" She said making a pout
" no no I missed you like hell but baby what have you done " " I m really sorry for not being there for you and ignoring your calls and msgs although I knew you had depression I m really sorry baby " I said as tears escaped my eyes.
" you ignored my calls on purpose ?" She asked while raising her eyebrow
" yeah" I said lowering my head " but that was because I wanted to give you a big surprise as your birthday is today but when I reached home I thought I lost you on the same day as you were born . I was soo scared y/n please promise me you will never do that again please" I requested her
" I'll try oppa I missed you "she replied taking my hand.
" happy birthday baby" although its already late but I still said to her.

Three days later when she got discharged we celebrated her birthday . RM gave her a watch, suga bought her a sleeping pillow as expected from him , jin gave her a pink dress which was quiet expensive though, jimin and jhope gave her food lots of and that really made her happy , jungkook gave her a huge teddy which was twice my height , lastly I gave her the keys of our new house and her new car .

I saw her million dollar smile and thanked God for saving her because if I'd have lost her that day I won't be able to live without her.

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