»Madison's POV«

It was finally the end of the day and I couldn't wait to get away. Libby lived down the same way as me so we were walking home together. She only lived a couple of streets away so we decided to walk to school together tomorrow. I know I'd only known her a few hours but I felt like I could trust her, she was so lovely to me. She showed me around and always smiled when I looked at her. She was one of those happy girls, the ones that would put everyone before herself, the ones that would do anything for anyone and not expect anything back and I'd never really met anyone like her. She was so sweet."You like Harry, don't you?" She asked as we walked away from school. I looked at her as if she was stupid. "What? No, of course I don't. He's not exactly the type I go for" I told her. She raised her eyebrows and I rolled my eyes. "Please, please, please don't get involved with him" be pleaded. "Maybe he's not that bad if you get to know him" I explained. "He's bad news, Maddy. Every girl he's gone with has been so slutty so I don't know why he's going to you, your so naturally pretty. But he always ends up hurting them. Emotionally and physically." Harry wouldn't hurt me. Would he? Physically? So that meant that he hit them. I know he was an idiot, he was threatening but he didn't seem like that type of person to hit a girl. I wasn't shocked to hear that all his past girlfriends were sluts, that's what a lot of boys go for these days. it was her street so we exchanged a hug and then I continued to walked down the street. I came near to my house and then I heard shouting and sobbing coming from the alleyway. It didn't know what to do. Should I go over and see what's happening, or just leave it and forget it happened. What if I got hurt? Wait, was I actually so self centered. Someone could be getting murdered and I was just thinking of myself.No, I wasn't that heartless. I hesitantly walked towards the alleyway. When I got there, I saw a boy covered in blood laying on the floor, curled up in a ball. Then I saw the guy standing above him. I heard his heavy breathing but then I noticed the guy on the floor looked like Harry's friend Thomas. Wait, what? Then I focused on the guy standing above him. His curly brown hair was messed up and..Harry? No, it couldn't have been Harry. Thomas was Harry's friend, he had no reason to start beating him up, it would be ridiculous. But then I focused more on the tall figure and I couldn't deny it anymore.It was Harry. Shit. Harry started kicking Thomas in the stomach. He picked him up by his shirt and slammed him against the wall. 

"I'LL RIP YOUR HEAD OFF IF YOU EVER TALK TO HER AG-" I suddenly ran over to Harry and jumped on his back. "HARRY STOP IT! GET OFF HIM!" I screamed at him. He let go off Thomas and I jumped off his back. Thomas slid down the wall, leaving the wall covered in blood. "Madison?" Harry looked at me, his eyes were soft as if he was concerned. How could he be concerned? He was beating up his friend for no particular reason. Libby was right, I really shouldn't be getting involved with Harry.He went to put his hand on my shoulder but I shrugged it off. "Leave us alone, Harry" I scolded. "You know, I've told you that your not getting out of this. You have a lot to learn." And with that he left. What a dick. He didn't even care that he left his friend in a pool of blood on the floor. He didn't care that his friend was crying because of what he did and he didn't care that this was probably going to leave scars on him. I crouched down beside Thomas and rubbed his shoulder. "Thomas, why did he do this?" I asked. He lifted his face to reveal hit cuts and bruises. I scrunched up my face slightly knowing that those cuts and bruises were painful. "Because I was talking to you. Harry gets what he wants and right now, he wants you" he stated. My eyes widened in shock. Harry did this because of me? "Where do you live?" I asked. He pointed to a house across the road. He beat him up opposite his own house. What a jerk. There must of been loads of people that walked down this way from school and no one bothered to help Thomas. It was so stupid, they couldn't have been that scared of Harry surely.I helped Thomas up and walked him across the road. "Thank you" he whispered before going inside his house. I waited for a few seconds outside his house just thinking about this. But then I decided to go home."We're having guests over for dinner tonight!" My mum shouted as soon as I walked in my house. "I met a lovely woman earlier at the supermarket and she's coming over with her son later" she told me. "Great" I mumbled to myself. "Put on something nice!" She shouted as I walked up to my room.I closed the door and jumped on my bed. I took out my phone and decided to text Libby.

To: Libby 

You'll never guess what Harry did 

She replied just a few seconds later.

From: Libby 

What did he do?!

I sighed while texting back. 

To: Libby 

He beat up Thomas because he talked to me 

From: Libby

I told you he was dangerous. Stay away or you'll regret it

I sighed knowing that she was completely right. I probably would regret getting involved with Harry, but he wouldn't let me go or take no for an answer. But I couldn't even face him after what he did today. 

to: Libby 

Your right! But anyway, I better get ready, my mums having guests over 

From: Libby 

Okk, see you tomorrow x

I put my phone away and immediately started to look through my wardrobe for something to wear.


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