Chapter 46: Alone

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“That’s not your concern.” Tomomi wanted to sigh at the words she heard from Mami, but she couldn’t say she hadn’t seen that coming. She was hoping Mami would answer her honestly but she knew how foolish it was to even hope for that much. Tomomi didn’t understand though, how could it not be her concern? She might not be much help but she wanted to help Rina as well.

In reality, Mami hadn’t answered Tomomi because she didn’t have an answer for Tomomi. She couldn’t admit that though; what sort of leader would she be if she admitted she didn’t have a plan? Mami wished she had a plan and she hated that she couldn’t think of one. She knew Haruna would have one by this point. Even if it was stupid and careless, Haruna would still be able to think of something but Mami… Mami simply had nothing in her mind.

The two continued the walk down the nearly deserted sidewalk in silence, neither of them having anything to say. Tomomi had a lot of questions in her mind but she’d given up on the idea of asking them. If Mami had responded so coldly to such a simple question like that, it made Tomomi worry for how the blonde could respond to her other questions. In a way, Tomomi did feel a bit guilty. Mami already had enough to deal with and Tomomi hadn’t thought of what sort of strain her seemingly simple questions could put on the blonde.

“We’re almost to your house, Tomomi.”

The words snapped Tomomi out of her worried and frantic thoughts. She looked up, a feeling of almost sadness coming to her. She was happy to be home but she knew being home meant that Mami would leave, and Tomomi was sort of enjoying her company right now despite the heavy air that surrounded the girls. Perhaps it was even because Tomomi was feeling a bit of worry for how well Mami was going to be handling the situation.

“Guess this means that I should let you go, huh?” The blonde spoke up again. Tomomi looked up at Mami now, drawing in a breath before nodding her head slowly.

“I’ll see you tomorrow at school though, right?” Mami chuckled softly at the worried tone Tomomi had used and nodded her head, giving the brunette a pat on the back. Tomomi, in turn, turned to Mami, trying her best to put a smile on her face.

Tomomi didn’t think much when she inched a bit closer to Mami, her eyes staying on the blonde the entire time. She saw as Mami watched her with caution, probably trying to figure out what Tomomi was doing. Not even Tomomi knew what she was preparing to do though, or even why she was preparing to do this. Tomomi reached out the hand that wasn’t holding her bag, gingerly reaching for Mami’s free hand. Her fingertips had barely touched the skin of Mami’s palm before the teenager roughly pulled her hand away, stepping back and putting a decent amount of distance in between the two girls.

The brunette gasped a bit and recoiled her hand in a mixture of fear and hurt. She kept her eyes on Mami, noticing the moment of fear that passed through the blonde’s wide eyes before her expression relaxed, the usual emotions Tomomi always saw on her coming back. That one moment though… Tomomi couldn’t wrap her head around what she had seen.


“I have to go,” the blonde said quickly, ending Tomomi’s words abruptly. She looked away from Tomomi before abruptly turning on her heels, beginning to walk away from the brunette who couldn’t find it in her to call after her. Tomomi could only stand stunned and watching as Mami left in a hurry.

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