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Not so different you and I [To love Ru X Reaper Reader.] by Freakskullz98
Not so different you and I [To lov...by Freak Skullz
During the hunt for the last Corrupted angel, the Reaper and the Corrupted Angel stumbled upon a human realm by accident as the Reaper finishes off the Angel before it c...
  • grimreaper
  • toloveru
  • malereader
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Inazuma Eleven Oneshots  by gashunmi
Inazuma Eleven Oneshots by .
You read the title right? Then I hope you enjoy :) Give it a shot you might actually like it although I'm not a very good writer
  • suzuno
  • romance
  • fanfiction
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Divine Spectre(Kantai Collection X Male Fortress Ship Reader) by Creeper_Corporation
Divine Spectre(Kantai Collection X...by Krystal 『©』
Prioritization:⭐ A Kantai Collection Ship Girls X Male Fortress Ship Reader story!. the humanity's greatest enemy rises to the depths once more, the Abyssal Fleet. Warsh...
  • tamaba
  • kantai
  • kancollekantaicollection
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A Vampire's Love (A Marshall Lee X Reader Fanfic ) by LadyShadowFist
A Vampire's Love (A Marshall Lee X...by LiveLaughLove
"Marshall! What the heck are you doing here?!" "Why? Is it bad to visit a friend (y/n)?" Hi guys a new story I did so sorry had to quit the other one...
  • aarmaushipper56
  • haruna
  • kari
The journey of Taida Matsukaze by yandereyuki665
The journey of Taida Matsukazeby crystal clerence
this is basically about tenma's older sister taida set out for her journey from okinawa to inazuma yes tenma is there as a 3 year old and they will be living with their...
  • kidou
  • haruna
  • ốc
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Memy - Inazuma Eleven by AfuroReiko15
Memy - Inazuma Elevenby ~ Reiko❤️💛❤️
No cóż...co tu dużo mówić... Tytuł mówi sam za siebie 😜
  • nelly
  • affo
  • fubuki
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Dos Dragon Slayers en To Love Ru|Temporada 3 by Mr-Mystogan
Dos Dragon Slayers en To Love Ru|T...by Mr Mystogan
Sin Spoiler :b
  • tartaros
  • rito
  • toloveru
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Amor de tres (REGRESO) by AntoFudouFanfic
Amor de tres (REGRESO)by FuHaru'Forever ~
¡DE REGRESO! Yuuto Kidou debe viajar a Italia para estudiar y poder tener su beca, esto provoca un gran problema para su pequeña hermana, Haruna Otonashi. La cual debe m...
  • fudou
  • haruna
  • lossuperonce
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SCANDAL Oneshots by Koyuki902
SCANDAL Oneshotsby Cjay Cruz
This is a fan fiction of scandal, an all girl Japanese band. I'll be writing with their songs as the story line. This is the first time I'll be writing SCANDAL fan fict...
  • japanese
  • mami
  • girlxgirl
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Z-Day by JuliaTeng555
Z-Dayby JuliaTeng555
It was an average day in Japan. The Inazuma Japan were busy training for their next match. Nothing seemed wrong at first. But as time passes and things happened, they no...
  • blood
  • kazemaru
  • julia
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Rusałka Mami travels: Adventures of Tomomi Ogawa and the Odd Water Nymph. by CrystalEio
Rusałka Mami travels: Adventures o...by Crystal
What happens when local child of a Chinese restaurant owner meets an ancient socially isolated and awkward Rusałka (Slavic Water Nymph) sick of centuries living Ostroda'...
  • haruna
  • holiday
  • australia
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I'm Not The Same Anymore (English Version) by Youyiie1999
I'm Not The Same Anymore (English...by Youmii
Kidou yuuto threatened Haruna to meet Gouenji and to be in a relationship with him , but she refused and it ends by being at the hospital paralysis..what happened? How i...
  • gouenji
  • eleven
  • kidouyuuto
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Protection From Nargles by FanaticalAntimony
Protection From Narglesby すばる
Harry and Luna meet in the Room of Requirement. Mistletoe appears. Will Nargles be a problem? Takes place in during Harry's fifth year, as he and Luna get closer. Basica...
  • lol
  • lunalovegood
  • haruna
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SCANDAL Bandby Kate
Lyrics? Facts? Everything is here! :) All for my Co- SCANDALous ♥
  • ogawa
  • mami
  • tomomi
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Sukeban by byebye-birdie
Sukebanby birdie
She idolized them from afar. The entire gang was fearless and brave. She wanted to be like them. She wanted to be a part of them. But she would soon learn that being a d...
  • haruna
  • ogawa
  • mami
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Harry and Luna Against The High Inquisitor by FanaticalAntimony
Harry and Luna Against The High In...by すばる
Harry and Luna are in a new relationship but have to deal with the machinations of High Inquisitor Dolores Umbridge. A tale of romance, unfair detentions, media relation...
  • haruna
  • potter
  • lovegood
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Hard Days by Youyiie1999
Hard Daysby Youmii
Teikoku made a ball dance and they invited Raimon , but Teikoku's players didn't know the real reasons of this , and suddenly they heared a BOMB...and Haruna went to the...
  • haruna
  • inazumaeleven
  • kageyama
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Wither & Bloom (My Wedding and 7 Rings Fanfic) by RaineAloisa
Wither & Bloom (My Wedding and 7 R...by Raine Aloisa
Haruna is a 27 year old lawyer, who starts working for Sanno after a fateful encounter. Everything is fine, up until the point that the "marriage contract" she...
  • otome
  • voltageinc
  • minafujii
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RFA 2 Idolshine: Body Swapped (Collaboration) by LoveHateFandoms
RFA 2 Idolshine: Body Swapped (Col...by Destiny
Fan made! Idolm@ster x Mystic Messenger Collaboration with @Kamiya_yukima Including our OCs.
  • mysticmessenger
  • jeaki
  • idol
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Roommates To Soulmates by XxmistycloudxX
Roommates To Soulmatesby XxmistycloudxX
Haruna Otonashi and Aki Kino have made it into a really prestigious school in America. Since their family stayed back in Japan, they had to live in dorms. Luckily there...
  • harunaxtachimukai
  • school
  • akixichinose
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