Case Closed : Lost in-between the stars by Psycho_Yandere_
Case Closed : Lost in-between TheWifu_YouFucked
Knowing that time, will always change people, however we tried to deny it, it will appear obvious slightly, that we are really changed, I never thought, it would be easy...
  • hot
  • adventure
  • detectiveconan
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Suzuki Siblings {OG} {SU} by Herzlos-
Suzuki Siblings {OG} {SU}by W@chter
Aaron Suzuki yang telah dituduh membunuh adik perempuannya.Situasi lebih teruk apabila keluarganya menghalau dan membuangnya.Adik lelakinya juga mula membencinya dan tid...
  • supernatural
  • suzuki
  • fanfiction
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[KaiAo] Nàng Cinderella của Kaito Kid. by twilight_veronica
[KaiAo] Nàng Cinderella của Veronica Victory
Đã bao giờ bạn tưởng tưởng rằng cô nàng Aoko và cậu nhóc Kaito sẽ là Lọ Lem và hoàng tử trong truyện cổ tích chưa ?
  • aoko
  • man
  • kaiao
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"Not-Shizuku!" OC x Yoshida Haru [Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun] by AmereineOFC
"Not-Shizuku!" OC x Yoshida Haru [ Tofu
Would love still bloom between Haru and Aki if Haru convinced himself that he loved Shizuku?
  • oshira
  • sasaharasouhei
  • andeverybodyelsebecauseicantmakeanymoretags
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Under Our Umbrella by ImAKawaiiOtaku
Under Our Umbrellaby Umbrella Chan
The quiet loner of the school and the most popular boy always seem to walk home together under the same black umbrella. Thought during school hours, the two never intera...
  • school
  • sumiko
  • slice
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My Possessive Stranger {Complete✔} by RAxzus1
My Possessive Stranger {Complete✔}by Fear Of Darkness
ShinLeigh Simon a boyish girl who used to curse every fvcking day. at the age of 13 her parents died cause of car accident that's why she started to live alone and work...
  • yumiluise
  • wattys2018
  • ßy
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Dark Light by spin_along
Dark Lightby Toshi
[SCANDAL fanfiction] Four girls so different that no one would guess their paths were destined to cross. Four girls that no one would guess could make a difference. Will...
  • suzuki
  • scandal
  • fantasy
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iZombie Short Story: A Zombie Hunter and two Undead Walk into a Bar... by jozefienmusic
iZombie Short Story: A Zombie Jowzie
In an alternate reality, the zombie apocalypse is already a thing. Thousands of zombies flood the cities, full hordes infecting and killing citizens ever since the Dawn...
  • blainedebeers
  • sarahkerrigan
  • zombie
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0812-7022-2544 | l Harga Nissan March | Harga Bekas Nissan March Di Batam by JualMobilDiBatam
0812-7022-2544 | l Harga Nissan batam sukses
0812-7022-2544 | l harga mobil nissan march di batam,harga mobil bekas nissan march di batam,harga mobil nissan juke di batam,harga mobil seken nissan juke di batam,har...
  • maret
  • harrifer
  • mobil
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0812-7022-2544 | Harga Mobil  Xpander Batam  | Harga Mitsubishi Xpander Di Batam by JualMobilDiBatam
0812-7022-2544 | Harga Mobil batam sukses
0812-7022-2544 | harga mobil mitsubishi xpander batam,harga mitsubishi xpander di batam,harga mobil nissan march di batam,harga mobil bekas nissan march di batam,harga m...
  • suzuki
  • juke
  • xenia
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One-Shots y Especiales. by TheNinjaGirlPower
One-Shots y AerisPower~
Bueno, aquí habrán One-Shots (en su mayoría de Nanatsu no Taizai) que salen de mi cabeza en momentos de inspiración y Especiales. ¡Y... EL TAN ANSIADO +100 SEGUIDORES! A...
  • meliodas
  • vampiros
  • los
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Pretty Rhythm Betrayed Aira by Chitoge606
Pretty Rhythm Betrayed Airaby Chitoge606
When Suzuki Minami joined MAR's everyone liked her,but Aira saw what Suzuki did that would break her heart and go to america.Find out what will happen next
  • aira
  • suzuki
  • heartbreak
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Dreaming of Butterflies Diabolik Lovers fanfiction by RavenaineGrimshaw
Dreaming of Butterflies Diabolik Ravenaine Grimshaw
My name's Suzuki. Just Suzuki. I've lived in Japan my entire life and, up until recently, with my father and mother in our family home. Then I set the house on fire...
  • runaway
  • fanfiction
  • subaru
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Kissed By The Baddest Bidder ~ The Millionaire's Bodyguard   by KohanaAyame
Kissed By The Baddest Bidder ~ MAI LING 美玲
"A man named Eisuke Ichinomiya is being targeted.." "I see.. And what would you like me to do with this bit of information?" "... I need a bodyg...
  • baba
  • soryu
  • flamedphoenixes
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The Secret Of Mama by MinLucc
The Secret Of Mamaby Luc
Suzuki, deste que nascera, morava com seu pai, Sr. Camui e seus empregados que sempre os considerava como família. Até que, em um encontro de negócios fora do Japão, Sr...
  • jaypark
  • gackt
  • psy
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[Anulada] Compañeros [the GazettE] by Michelle-Taisho14
[Anulada] Compañeros [the GazettE]by miha
Dos hermanas llegan a un instituto de Japón como estudiantes de intercambio. Estando en clase Akira empieza a echarle el ojo a la castaña extranjera. Mientras tanto Yu...
  • shiroyama
  • aoi
  • visual
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Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios (+Suzuki) by Press-X-To-Ship
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios ( Press-X-To-Ship
masełko Suki debilko, nie zgadzam się na darmowe czarne dzieci.
  • yiffthekiller
  • creepypasta
  • boyfriend
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Sukeban by byebye-birdie
Sukebanby birdie
She idolized them from afar. The entire gang was fearless and brave. She wanted to be like them. She wanted to be a part of them. But she would soon learn that being a d...
  • sasazaki
  • yukako
  • sumire
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Love Flaws by xoxojiwoo
Love Flawsby Laine Cable
"Love is not perfect. It has its own flaws and imperfections."
  • jennie
  • korean
  • love
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