Pretty Rhythm Betrayed Aira by Chitoge606
Pretty Rhythm Betrayed Airaby Chitoge606
When Suzuki Minami joined MAR's everyone liked her,but Aira saw what Suzuki did that would break her heart and go to america.Find out what will happen next
  • rizumu
  • prismchange
  • sho
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Case Closed : Lost in-between the stars by Psycho_Yandere_
Case Closed : Lost in-between TheWifu_YouFucked
Knowing that time, will always change people, however we tried to deny it, it will appear obvious slightly, that we are really changed, I never thought, it would be easy...
  • fanfiction
  • new
  • koruba-kaito
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The Assistant by CreepyTolox
The Assistantby Tolo De Guerrero
[Self-Insert x Aqours] [Y/n = Your name] Y/n had just been fired from his previous job, so in a desperation move, he calls a friend asking for a new job, but he ended u...
  • shuka
  • takatsuki
  • rikako
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Under Our Umbrella by ImAKawaiiOtaku
Under Our Umbrellaby N A N I ?
The quiet loner of the school and the most popular boy always seem to walk home together under the same black umbrella. Thought during school hours, the two never intera...
  • sumiko
  • umbrella
  • lifestory
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Bananowe Opowieści {Creepypasta} by Press-X-To-Ship
Bananowe Opowieści {Creepypasta}by dżejsona
Takie Historyje ale lepsze OwO
  • ayano
  • slenderbanan
  • dżejson
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Kissed By The Baddest Bidder ~ The Millionaire's Bodyguard   by KohanaAyame
Kissed By The Baddest Bidder ~ MAI LING 美玲
"A man named Eisuke Ichinomiya is being targeted.." "I see.. And what would you like me to do with this bit of information?" "... I need a bodyg...
  • ota
  • bodyguard
  • suzuki
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One-Shots y Especiales. by TheNinjaGirlPower
One-Shots y AerisPower~
Bueno, aquí habrán One-Shots (en su mayoría de Nanatsu no Taizai) que salen de mi cabeza en momentos de inspiración y Especiales. ¡Y... EL TAN ANSIADO +100 SEGUIDORES! A...
  • romance
  • mandamiento
  • hadas
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Sukeban by byebye-birdie
Sukebanby birdie
She idolized them from afar. The entire gang was fearless and brave. She wanted to be like them. She wanted to be a part of them. But she would soon learn that being a d...
  • sasazaki
  • sumire
  • ogawa
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Dirt Bikes by AvengersMarvelFan
Dirt Bikesby Laylah Thomas
This story is about my life when I first got my Dirt Bike a couple of months ago. I will tell you everything, from the falls to the fun bonfires and laughs and the cries...
  • fun
  • yamaha
  • bikes
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Dreaming of Butterflies Diabolik Lovers fanfiction by RavenaineGrimshaw
Dreaming of Butterflies Diabolik Ravenaine Grimshaw
My name's Suzuki. Just Suzuki. I've lived in Japan my entire life and, up until recently, with my father and mother in our family home. Then I set the house on fire...
  • diabolik
  • shu
  • sakamaki
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Nasze debilne rozmowy by Press-X-To-Ship
Nasze debilne rozmowyby dżejsona
Rozmowy na Viber, przy każdej będzie podana data
  • oczy
  • hematyt
  • suzuki
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iZombie Short Story: A Zombie Hunter and two Undead Walk into a Bar... by jozefienmusic
iZombie Short Story: A Zombie Jowzie
In an alternate reality, the zombie apocalypse is already a thing. Thousands of zombies flood the cities, full hordes infecting and killing citizens ever since the Dawn...
  • starcraft
  • liv
  • apocalypse
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Dirt by KayleeTheEpicNerd
Dirtby Kaylee
Many think when they hear the last name Davidson, they expect to hear the sound of motors revving. They think of first place. They think of a monster of an ATV. They thi...
  • all-terrain
  • racer
  • yamaha
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