The lost cub by Brietjeee
The lost cubby Brietjeee
This is NOT RELATED to my other lion king/guard book(s), unless it says so in the description. This is just a random story what came up in my head, so I decided to type...
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The Lion Guard: Return of the Royal Mlinzi by JDTaylorWriterFanFic
The Lion Guard: Return of the Roya...by JDTaylorWriterFanFic
When a mysterious lion/monkey duo enters the Pridelands, the Lion Guard join forces with them to help find the lost Princess of the Uasi Pride. .
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  • simba
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Confusion (a Kion x OC story) by Helpimawreck
Confusion (a Kion x OC story)by Agape
Raised in captivity, Adea has never seen the glorious Pridelands her grandmother tells her about. Entranced by the stories of the noble King Ahadi, and his two sons, the...
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The Lion Guard: Life in the Pride Lands by MarioSonicFan1562
The Lion Guard: Life in the Pride...by Andre Guiste
ever wonder what life in the pride lands would be like? your about to find out
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Lion Guard: A Love Story by MoonJade8295
Lion Guard: A Love Storyby MoonJade8295
Kion's love for Fuli is huge. Now he needs to tell the truth but then an attack happen, Fuli lost some of her memories and got lost in a place. Now the rest of the Guard...
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  • beshte
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A Long Lost Friend by _Dawntless_
A Long Lost Friendby llavall lucario
Kion has be given a daunting responsibility that he cant face alone so he has to recruit a team of elite warriors to fight by his side, he does this differently to the l...
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Kion x Bunga un amor eterno by user72002976
Kion x Bunga un amor eternoby lobitojessDiazfernandez
Basado en la guardia del leo aquí les doy uno de los shiping menos conocidos de ambos personajes y amigos...
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Dark Light by spin_along
Dark Lightby Toshi
[SCANDAL fanfiction] Four girls so different that no one would guess their paths were destined to cross. Four girls that no one would guess could make a difference. Will...
  • rina
  • scandal
  • haruna
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Falling in love again #5 by PrincessGG101
Falling in love again #5by PrincessGG101
During an attack, Kion saves Fuli but in the process he loses his memory. Fuli, Bunga, Beshte and Ono need to help their leader regain his memory before trouble occurs...
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Cytaty i inne wiersze by Scary_Jade
Cytaty i inne wierszeby A~L~O~N~E
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Nightmare School (Ghost Hunt) (Naru x Mai) by EnglishGarden
Nightmare School (Ghost Hunt) (Nar...by EnglishGarden
One day Mai never turns up at SPR and Naru finds out it's because she is in a coma in hospital after being attacked. It's up to Naru to solve the case and to resolve his...
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Truth or Dare with the Lion Guard! (DISCONTINUED) by Star32123
Truth or Dare with the Lion Guard...by Star32123
Comment truths or dares for the Guard :D!
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  • kiara
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Goodbye SCANDAL by AwaTsuGen
Goodbye SCANDALby AwaTsuGen
My farewell to SCANDAL Band.
  • haruna
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  • jrock
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'~'Haplex'~' by EightAmon
'~'Haplex'~'by EightAmon
{First of all, this may be a bit trash? First Wattpad story(Oboy.). This is a ship of two characters I have, Happy, and Alex. It's a ship "Haplex", Alex is a w...
  • anthromorphic
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Zuka Zama | A Kion X Bunga by jayemerald
Zuka Zama | A Kion X Bungaby JayEmerald
Kion, the strong leader of the Lion Guard. Bunga reckless free-spirited honey badger. They're best friends and work together to defend the Circle of Life. But, what if...
  • malexmale
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Close to you (Kion x reader) [Sequel] by ShunsGirl
Close to you (Kion x reader) [Sequ...by Crystal
Read the story Please read and comment
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Off Colour {Kion X Reader} by Vulpix_fire_paw
Off Colour {Kion X Reader}by Vulpix_fire_paws
Vulpix_fire_paw ~"They are the wrong colour! They are not lions!" your father shouted "but-" " THEY ARE NOT OUR KIND!" he yelled as his voi...
  • kionxreader
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Black Call by MEEPWNED
Black Callby Hayziq Khear Ekhwan
What happen if Kion join the dark side and find out the truth about himself and the truth of the pridelands.Its shocking enough to Kion but to us its mean nothing.Keep r...
  • ono
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  • janja
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The Lion Guard (Stories) by LionGuard93203
The Lion Guard (Stories)by LionGuard93203
Made by me so enjoy it.
  • kion
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  • ono
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Lion Guard: The Kindest Amongst Hearts by Grammar_Knight
Lion Guard: The Kindest Amongst He...by Afiq Zaki
Lion Guard is a team consisting a lion, a honey badger, a hippo, an egret, a cheetah, and its most kindhearted member, a hyena. Together, they defend the Pridelands and...
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