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Ang Crush ng Bestfriend ko by MyTomomi
Ang Crush ng Bestfriend koby MyTomomi
It was the shocking moment of my life ng malaman ko na bisexual ang bestfriend ko! She's been my bestfriend for 10 years na at di ko man lang nahalata iyon. Ang dilemma...
  • comedy
  • lesbian
  • rina
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Hanabi by spin_along
Hanabiby Toshi
A SCANDAL fanfiction about friendship, romance, danger and little supernatural things~~ (〜 ̄△ ̄)〜
  • suzuki
  • tomami
  • ogawa
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Psycho Pass: Monster With No Name {Kagari x OC} by Angel_Fall1609
Psycho Pass: Monster With No Angel_Fall1609
"Do you want that freedom?" - asked, turning toward me A little afraid I answered "More than anything in the world" Then the shadow lifted a curious...
  • kogami
  • shusei
  • tomomi
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Yumeby RIN
A ToMami one-shot! A fluffy fic~
  • harunaono
  • rina
  • rinasuzuki
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Psycho Pass: Freedom(Kagari x Reader) by luotaku13
Psycho Pass: Freedom(Kagari x luotaku13
The reasson that keeps him smiling could be a single person.
  • shion
  • karanomori
  • tsunemori
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Dark Light by spin_along
Dark Lightby Toshi
[SCANDAL fanfiction] Four girls so different that no one would guess their paths were destined to cross. Four girls that no one would guess could make a difference. Will...
  • scandal
  • tomomi
  • ono
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Accidentally  Inlove by TOMAMI
Accidentally Inloveby TOMAMI
  • tomomi
  • sasaszaki
  • mami
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Destiny Wedding (SCANDAL SHORT FANFIC) by Tomachi
Destiny Wedding (SCANDAL SHORT Tomachi
  • morita
  • tomomi
  • ogawatakahiro
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SCANDAL Oneshots by Koyuki902
SCANDAL Oneshotsby Cjay Cruz
This is a fan fiction of scandal, an all girl Japanese band. I'll be writing with their songs as the story line. This is the first time I'll be writing SCANDAL fan fict...
  • gxg
  • yuri
  • ono
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Stay Away (SCANDAL short fanfic) by Tomachi
Stay Away (SCANDAL short fanfic)by Tomachi
  • tomomi
  • other
  • mami
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