Archer's POV

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Hey guys, this next chapter really sucks, its a filler chapter. But i promise i will try to make the next chapter action packed and longer. I would also like to say the biggest thank you to all my amazing readers. I now have 1150 reads and it feels amazing to know that there are actually people reading my book. It really means a lot to me. So i super duper BIG thankyou for you awesomness <3




Archer’s POV

I watched Echo with a smile as she lazily made her way through the hallway to her locker. She had thrown on an oversized grey t-shirt that hung loosely on her body, black basketball shorts and flip-flops, her hair in a messy bun. When she passed a group of our classmates they all greeted her with waves and smiles. She smiled back, her nose wrinkling ever so slightly like always when she genuinely smiled. After shed passed them she let out a yawn and kept walking to her locker. She stopped in front of me, as if just realizing that I was blocking her locker, and slowly looked up. I had to laugh when I saw her adorable tired expression. 

“Hey” she finally managed to say before smiling at me.

“Hey” I greeted back biting back another laugh, “Tired much?” I asked amusement lacing my voice.

“Oh yeah” she sighed wrapping her arms around me, resting her head in the crook of my neck. I stroked her back rhythmically and heard her sigh with pleasure.

“I feel like a corpse that’s been run over by a truck” she muttered as she stood up straight.

I couldn’t help the laugh that escaped me this time.

“The game took a toll on you?” I asked tucking a loose hair tendril behind her ear.

She nodded before shoving my shoulder, pushing me away from her locker. I watched amused as she fumbled around in her locker trying to sort out her materials for the day. When she finally managed she snapped the door shut and clicked the lock back into place. She turned back to me and stated

“What you looking at punk”, before shooting me a big toothy grin and sauntering down the hallway. I caught up with her quickly and slung an arm around her shoulders.

She hissed quietly as we ascended the stairs to the art room.

I looked down at her with creased eyebrows.

“My thigh stings like a biatch” she growled as we reached the top.

“I must say your stamina is incredible,” I stated ruffling her hair.

She shot me an unimpressed look before stepping into the classroom. I heard clapping and when I entered Echo was standing in front of the classroom doing a quick bow before continuing to her seat. The others were still murmuring about her legendary dunk yesterday evening and even I had to admit she nailed it pretty perfectly.

The morning classes passed without an interruption and lunch finally came. The students were out of their seats before the bell had even finished ringing. All except for Echo who pushed herself up with a grunt and ever so slowly made her way towards the door where the rest of the guys and Teddy were waiting for her.

“God, granny pick up your feet and lets go, its pizza day” Ryder stated urging Teddy in the direction of the cafeteria.

“Nope leave me alone, I ain’t walking any faster than this, Deal with it” she said when she finally reached the door. The guys gave me a pointed look and I let out a melodramatic sigh before lowering myself down to her level and indicating for her to hop on. She let out a satisfied noise when she saw my offering and hopped on my back surprisingly fast. She patted my shoulder before giving my side a gently nudge and saying

“Giddy up horsey”

Teddy had to laugh as she watched the two of us before Ryder took off down the hall puling her with him.

The other stayed with us as we walled through the empty halls towards the cafeteria chatting about mindless stuff.

After we had all gotten our food and settled down under the tree outside Echo straightened up and began speaking.

“I think the easiest way to capture Sanchez in action is if we record her. We can place the camera in the room where she will ‘attack’ me. I think that’s easiest, because if we ask the authorities to come and then she decides that she doesn’t want to mess things up that day and leaves without doing anything, it will look like we were trying to make her seem like a the bad guy.”

She sighed before continuing

“And that was never the plan, we’re no better than the bully if we bully back. We’re not out for revenge, we’re trying to make her stop with her sick antics”

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement and I ran my thumb over her knuckles.

“I suggest we continue with the plan on Friday, so in three days. I know that she stays after school on Fridays with her posse. I will stay in an empty classroom after school finishes and act like I’m talking on a phone or something so she hears my voice. Then its up to her to come into the room if she feels strong enough with her brainless minions against me alone. Whatever she does which will probably boil down to physical assault will be captured on camera and then we have the tape to prove it to the school board. That’s the best I can come up with”, she said with a frown before taking another piece of pizza and taking a big bite.

The rest mumbled their agreements, still not happy with it and settled back into the grass.

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