Chapter 1 (P1) : The Flashback

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(A/N:) A-yo guys!!!! so this is going to be my first fan fiction since I'm still a beginner can you please comment me if ever there are grammatical errors. So yeah.... I hope you would like it :) and have fun.

Chapter 1 : The Flashback

Flashback ( 10 years ago)

"Oppa, Oppa.... why did you leave me?" Right now I'm crying in my room and this is the third day I have locked up myself and have been crying for him.

I can still remember what was his last words to me and the last thing he gave me.

Well this is what happened.

~3 Days Ago~

"Na Mi-ahh if ever you feel lonely, scared or if you ever have problems just always remember me and always look at this bracelet for you to be reminded of me, OK? "

Then he grabbed my wrist and put on the bracelet for me.

"Oppa why are you talking like you're leaving me? Are you really going to leave?"

I said getting nervous and scared of what he's going to say.

"No I'm not leaving I'm just saying this because probably I might not be by your side anymore because I might be busy with my school activities and probably because of that I might not be able to have some time with you." he said with a fake smile and sad eyes.

"Oh, Ok I get what you mean.Now that we are growing old we are also getting busier, so that's why you are saying those things I was thinking that you are leaving me, so I'm sorry for misunderstanding you." I said apologetic to him.

"You don't have to be so apologetic over such little thing but it's ok though because you are my best friend." He said still showing his fake smile with his sad eyes.Something's suspicious about him I think there's something wrong that I don't know but I just shrug it off and forget about it.

"So oppa can you promise that you won't leave me forever?" I curiously asked but he just stared at me and I also stared at him it has been 30 seconds when he did not utter any word but all of a sudden he kissed me on my lips. My eyes opened wide and I was shocked of what he was doing.I stood there like there was nothing happened.I was stiffened for a moment.

(A:N OMG! You're too young to do those things, really....)

Yeah, yeah right author-nim but that's what happened and it happened long time ago.So stop with the talking and let's get back to the story. So here it goes...

It was a sincere kiss but it felt like goodbye kiss at the same time. I can feel his heart beats fast.I can smell his fragrant smell but all I did was stand there and did not respond to the kiss.

The kiss took for 5 seconds but it felt that time stopped when we kissed.

It was my first and my most memorable moment I had.

To tell you honestly he was my first love

I started liking him since when we met and when we became best friends

But just until best friends, I know that he will just think of me as a best friend nothing more than that.

(A:N Awww.... what a sad sad story of yours :( )

yeah I know right author-nim what a hard life.... :/

Then he held my two shoulders and pushed me lightly to breathe some air

Then we stared to each other again reminiscing what just happened.

"I promise you that I will never ever leave you, so don't be doubtful,OK?"

he said sincerely but with a sad tone and sad eyes.

He raised his pinkie finger as a sign of promise and as a response I locked my pinky finger to his.I was really happy that day because he really promised to me that he won't leave me except for the kiss part I was too innocent to know those things.I really trust him that he will keep the promise.



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