32. Hands Tied

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My instincts went numb as the world around me became a dizzying whirl of colours. Trees crossed my vision in slashes of green and someone was talking to me as I was lead to a place where I could sit down. From there, it could've been seconds or hours of disorientation before I gained the consciousness to take in what was happening, and when I did, I was on my knees in shadowy darkness.

The first thing I noticed was the cold, dirty ground. A moment later, the blackness revealed itself in the form of a blindfold, and panic rose in me as nightmare became reality.

I let out a guttural scream, hearing my voice echo off the walls of what had to be a large room, "no, please." My hands were tied in front of me from elbow to wrist, allowing for limited movement, and when I reached up to try to feel the blindfold, a voice came out of thin air.

"Wouldn't do that if I were you." I shouted again out of surprise and fear, pulse pounding as my blood filled with adrenaline. Facing the direction the voice had come from, I tried to keep my thoughts clear. 

"Who are you." I asked cautiously. "What do you want?"

"I'm just the delivery guy, sweetheart. Sit tight, he won't be too long." I didn't recognize the voice, or have any clue of where I might be, all I knew was that I was in very real danger.

I whimpered, unable to stand my own helplessness. What time was it? Had Harry come home from work?

"How did you find me?" I pressed for information, hoping I could get him talking even just a little. There was no answer. "Hello? Tell me where I am!" I demanded, knowing it was no use but desperate anyway. Still the room stayed silent. Frustration coursed me and I began to scream, begging for help for all of two seconds before a rough hand was over my mouth.

"Do you want a gag, too?" The threatening voice asked, "wouldn't bother me at all to find one." His fingers brushed down my cheek and I sneered away his touch. When I stayed silent he spoke again.

"Good girl. You behave and I'm sure they'll be much kinder to you later." He dropped his hand to my shoulder, brushing long strands of hair away from my neck. 

"Don't fucking touch me." I shuffled backwards. The callused hand found my hair and in one movement forced my head back roughly.

"You do not make the rules right now, in case that wasn't clear." He whispered in my ear. 

Just then, his phone rang. 

Letting go of me, the man stood up and faced away, not bothering to hide his conversation.

"How far off are you?"

There was a pause, and his voice dropped.

"She's awake now." Another pause. "I'll wait."

He clicked off the phone.

My jaw rattled as I shivered, both from the cold and from my terrifying anxiety. Who was coming? Samuel? It had to be. I couldn't go back there!

I scolded myself for believing I was free of this. Harry had seemed so sure, how could he have been so wrong? They found me at the park, barely four blocks from his house. Did that mean they knew where he lived? I clenched my jaw in an effort not to cry. 

"Hey, you don't have to do this you know." I said, as calmly as I could. "You can still be a good person."

"Have you been a good person?" The voice asked rhetorically, so much closer than I'd been expecting. "Coasting by on your looks until the right person came along? How did you manage to meet someone so willing to spend that kind of money on you, Eve? A million dollar pussy? I highly doubt it." Everything he said made my head spin. He clearly thought he knew me, but what was this about a million dollars? Had Harry really spent that much? I didn't have time to consider it, because the faceless man was suddenly upon me. 

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