16. Two for the Show

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Silence had swallowed Eve whole. 72 hours ingesting nothing but water had muddled her thoughts. Afternoons practicing her walk in heels had stolen her fight. Cold uncomfortable sleeps on a cot had chipped away at her sanity, and by Thursday night when she was finally escorted back to her room, she could barely wait for privacy to devour the grilled cheese and soup that was waiting for her.

She felt her defeat looming.

Maybe she could dance. Maybe she could tease those men, if that's what they wanted. Hell, Eve wasn't her real name anyways, why not change her character.

She turned to her left, where a full length mirror stared back. Stepping towards it, she tried to see herself how they would see her. A weak and defeated version of her former self.

"Serpent of Eden." She whispered, trying out the new title. Better than pitiful orphan. At least it was something of an upgrade.

Eve just sighed.

She looked at the shoes and clothing she had acquired in only 10 days, imagining the riches she could make if she played along for real.

Men would come and she would take their money, saving as much as she could get away with. Maybe then she could get out. Buy a new future.



Friday was chaotic. A doctor came to look her over after breakfast and said that 'other than needing to eat more,' she was healthy.

After that, her room flooded with people. People doing her makeup, her hair. People fitting her in different lingeries, barely allowing her the privacy to change, and more people setting up lights and cameras.

Her first photoshoot.

It was Samuel's way of testing her after a week of torment, and she had little choice but to suck it up and play along. Starving, she was now aware, was not fun.

The black strappy outfit wasn't comfortable, but lucky for Eve, her sullen expressions worked for the photographer. He didn't ask her to look at the camera, or smile. So that was something. She stood awkwardly, focusing on the floor or out the window, following their directions until finally they were done.

"You've done well today," Hope offered, pulling my attention away from the yard outside. "Are you ready for lunch?" I nodded, attempting a little smile. She promised me some alone time before we had to get ready for the evening, and I opted to eat in my room, gathering my energy for the night ahead.


Harry arrived at the gates of the Garden of Eden at 9pm. He had over an hour until the show would start, but he wanted to look around.
The reasonable side of him knew he could be chasing smoke, following the first real clue he stumbled on, but the sight that greeted him as he crossed the threshold into the lavish foyer told him he was in the right place. Beautiful women were everywhere, greeting them at the door, walking around with drinks, even lounging in the bar talking to patrons. The room was spacious and uncluttered, with black marble pillars casting long shadows across the floor. Loungers and armchairs of the finest leather made space for people to mingle. Harry couldn't help but appreciate the art, it was simple, and provocative.

Marty made himself right at home, taking a rye on ice from one their trays and finding a seat in the sunken bar. Harry wasn't as quick to relax. He searched the room for her, unsurprised when he didn't see her. What he did see, however, was a tall man in his late 40's, talking to a shorter man who looked just a bit older. They were getting off the elevator, making their way towards the bar. Now seemed like as good a time as ever to order a drink.

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