Hugs, Kisses and Chocolate.

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"Connect it to bypass," I tell the nurse.

We've been in the operating theatre for hours, trying to save the man. He is about my grandfathers age, abandoned by the rest of his family except his wife. She was the one who I reassured a few days ago. She is probably in the waiting room, crying her heart out. If this man doesn't survive, the woman would probably die when she hears the news.

Having a heart-lung transplant at this age is risky. Elderly people take very long to recover, but so far, the transplant is going well, without any errors on my part.

A elderly man was in a car crash this morning. When we told his family that he wouldn't survive because of major brain damage, they refused to believe us. It took a lot of effort from the doctors to convince the family to agree to the organ donation.

A swirl of emotions take place, and I am committed to saving this man. Someone died today to save his life.

When I stitch him up, the nurses and doctors in the room applaud, happiness flowing throughout the room. I take my gloves off when I come out of the operating room, washing my hands throughly.

I sigh. I saved a life.

I am done for the rest of the day, after rounds.

I wave in and out of the patients' rooms, throughly analyzing and recording their medical issues. Some were old and some were young. I especially teared up, when a young child asks me when his heart would arrive. I tell him that if he helps out his mother by being strong, god will reward him with another heart.

"Will another boy have to die?"

I smile sadly, leaving it to the mother to take of the 12 year old child. I lean against the door outside, my head in my hands. When I promise myself to save the child, I brush the tears off my face, and go out to find Alisha.

When I couldn't find her in the on-call room or her office, I phone Aniket to come pick me up.



I hug Alisha as she runs toward me. "Why the hell are you here when you should be on your honeymoon?"

"Heart-transplant. I promised his wife I would save him."

"There are other doctors in this place, Krithi. You should be out, enjoying your day with your husband!" She scolds.

"Fine. He's coming right now. I have nothing else to do anyways."

She sighs and hits my head. "Ouch! What was that for?"

"For being so stupid. Do you even know what time it is right now? Eight in the evening."

"I was wondering why it was so dark out. I feel like I've only been here for a few hours."

She glares at me, but her expression changes after a moment. She could never be mad for long. Just like me.

"So, How is your shy husband? When will you come into office for a pregnancy checkup?"

"Don't tease us. We're getting to know each other."

She lifts her eyebrows up and down in a suggestive way. I frown at her, "It's not funny."

She laughs and runs away before I could come up with a retort. I find Aniket in the parking lot, typing furiously on his MacBook. I tap on the window of his red Mercedes, and successfully get his attention. He unlocks the door, and I slip into the car. I fasten the seatbelt, and peek into what Aniket was doing. He was typing a e-mail, his long fingers flying over the keyboards swiftly. I stared at his scrunched eyebrows, his focused eyes and the blue suit he has changed into. He looks very domineering in his suit; I almost swear that he's a heartbreaker in his office. Suddenly, I'm wondering if has even kissed a girl before. Yet, I don't want to disturb him while he's working, so I stay silent. I don't know when I fell asleep, but its very warm and comfortable.

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