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This was awkward. “Ow! Don't you look where your falling!”. I scowled. Malfoy just stared at me and got up to his feet.

“Now what!?”He said. “How are we supposed to get out of here!”

“We can cast four points to get us out of here.” I casted four points and a small ball of light led a trail and we followed.

“It has to be gone the three hours by now!.. I hope you know what your doing!” Malfoy spat.

“I just hope we don't get lost!” I sighed. “HAVEN'T YOU FIGURED OUT WE ARE LOST!” Malfoy yelled impatiently.

“uh oh!” I cried. “What! What are you on about” Malfoy was starting to get worried.

“Is it just me or do you hear distant charging getting louder and louder!?” I said listening carefully.... “RUN!” Centaurs were charging straight for us we ran and ran and didn't stop. They were shooting arrows and rocks at us. I felt one arrow just graze my arm.

“OAH!” Malfoy got hit with an arrow on his shoulder. “Come on I think we're almost there!!” I tried to keep Malfoy running because he would have probably stopped and fell to the floor after getting hit with an arrow.

We got to the end of the forest at last and we dived out to the Hogwarts grounds. I clutched my heart and panting so hard I could barley breath. Malfoy was feeling the arrow in his shoulder as blood poured from the wound. “Are you ok!?” I asked the arrow was quite deep in his shoulder.

“DOES IT LOOK LIKE I'M OK! I HAVE A BLOODY ARROW IN ME!” he bellowed. I saw Hagrid over by his hut. “HAGRID! HAGRID! Quick over here!” I cried and he came running over as fast as his giant legs could take him. “There ye are! I was lookin' all over for ye....Oh I see ...” Hagrid said noticing the arrow in Malfoy's arm. “C'mon come over here.” Hagrid brought us into his hut.

Hagrid examined Malfoy's arm while I rubbed Fang's rigid fur. “I stopped the bleeding but we'll need ter take you up to Madame Pompfrey. Faria I'll need you ter take him up righ' away.” Hagrid ordered and I nodded in ok, even though I did not want to waste my time nursing Malfoy through the castle.

“I can take care of myself! I don't need her to take me!” Malfoy demanded. “Don't think you can! After seein' ye act like a ravin' lunatic after being scratched by a Hippogriff, wa' are ye goin' ter

be like with this eh?!” Hagrid stated and Malfoy was taken back by this. I smiled at Hagrid.

We left his hut and headed up to the Hospital wing. Madame Pompfrey came running over. “Oh dear what have we here! I'll go get the antidote.” She cried.

“I think I'll be off!” I said trying to slide past Madame Pompfrey. “Oh no you won't!” she corrected. “Just leave her go! I don't want her here! Especially because she has a habit for messing things up! What if she blows my arm off!” Malfoy barked.

“Yeah! What if I do blow his arm off!” I agreed with Malfoy, so I could get of of there. But Madame Pompfrey shook her head and pushed me back into the room.

“Great now I'm stuck with you!” He hissed. “Not like I want to be here either! And I do not mess things up! You cause them!” I argued back.

We sat in chairs while Madame Pompfrey went to find Snape to brew some more Antidote potion. We sat in silence twiddling our thumbs waiting. “This is ridiculous! I have a bloody arrow in my shoulder and I have to wait! My father will be outraged at this!” Malfoy scowled. I just ignored him.

Finally! Madame Pompfrey came and shooed me off while she attended to nursing Malfoy's arm. I was free to go! I headed straight for the common room because the others were probably wondering where I was. I was gone for about five hours.

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