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She woke up on a ship. As she stumbled to the deck, she saw several other people on the boat with her, all looking as if they had awoken from a deep sleep. Thin, scary-looking sailors wandered back and forth across the deck. A gruff looking captain stood at the front of the ship, his scarred hands behind his back. He turned around, as if he knew she was there. He smiled cruelly. "I see you have finally awoken," he said. 

"Where are we? What are we doing here?" she heard someone ask him. The captain only grinned wider. Behind him, a huge, crescent-shaped island began to appear, rising from the waters. 

"Welcome to Forever Island. For those who have committed the crimes will pay the price," the captain says simply. He bent over, growing thick black hair and sharp canines. He jumped at her, his teeth bared, and she passed out. 

When they gained consciousness, they were on a beach, along with the people who were on the ship with her. The ship that they were on was long gone and there was no sign of civilization. One person who was stranded with them spotted a sign. As she, and they, crawled closer, she read the crudely written words.

'Welcome to Forever Island. Those who have committed the crime will pay the price. That crime—existing as a supernatural, as someone more superior to the human race. Werewolves, vampires, fairies, all types of demons, etc. will be specifically chosen and sent here. It is up to you to band together and escape... or join or be driven mad by the Lord Moon, who rules this land. Be warned. Lord Moon will throw all types of obstacles in your way and you must try as best as you can to survive. As you go, you will meet others who have been left here like you. Have them join you, or you may risk death, for some have truly been driven mad. I will try to aid you as best as I may, but I bid you good fortune.    

-- Lady Luna'

A reversed crescent moon was stamped beneath her name with a curly L in the center.

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