'Crystal! What are you doing here!'

'Danielle! Hey!' 

Danielle was my first best friend. Me and her went through everything together. But as soon as she realised my mum was taking drugs, she stopped speaking to me. She was only 12 years old so its expected i suppose. We had been best friends since we were about 5 years old, our parents were close. I always wondered whether it was her mum that told her to stop talking to me, i never found out. 

She was wearing tiny, black shorts with a leather jacket and boots covered in chains. Her eyes were lined with a jet black pencil and her lips coated in deep, red lipstick. Her hair hung perfectly curled, resting on her shoulders and bounced as she shook her head in disbelief. 

'Oh my god, Crystal! I barely recognised you! My god, you look so different!' she held her arms out and embraced me in to her hug. 

'I know! I hardly recognised you either, it's been years.'

'So, how are you babe? You look well anyway!' she looked Tyler up and down and bit her lip seductively towards him. Tyler responded by cocking one side of his mouth up and squinted his eyes, smiling.

'Urmm, yeah. Yeah I'm great thanks Danni, just staying here for a few nights with Er, Tyler.' 

'Oh, is that your name?' she stepped closer to Tyler and put her right hand on his chest, looking up at him. 

I looked away and cleared my throat. I knew Danielle wouldn't ever think Tyler was with me. Everyone knew i'd never been near a boy, it wasn't a secret. So that kinda explained why she was being so flirty with him. 

Tyler looked down at her, with this hands in his pockets, staring blankly in to her eyes.

'Yeah, that's my name.' 

Danielle suddenly ignored my complete existence and put her back to me, talking to Tyler. 

'So.. Tyler. Hows about you come over to my room tonight. I'm only on the second floor. And we could have loads and loads of fun..' She wrapped her hands around his neck and lifted her leg up to the side of his body, inching closer and closer to his lips.

Suddenly my wild side took over, i don't even know why! Hell, i didn't even know i had a wild side! My hand reached forward, taking hold of Danielle's perfect curls and pulled her head back quickly. I looked down at her face as she was bent half backwards and pulled my best sarcastic smile. 

'I forgot to mention, i love your lipstick 'babe!', its a lovely shade of slut!' I pulled her back even further and then pushed her away from me. She gasped and instantly through her hands up to her head, feeling her hair.  'Yeah it really looks great on you! It's gonna look even better though, when your kissing my ass as I'm walking away!' 

And with that i reached out, slapped her round the face and stormed away. It was the typical girl argument, conflict and storm away act. And as i was walking away, i instantly regretted it. 

I started to worry when i realised i couldn't hear Tyler's footsteps behind me. I wanted so bad to turn around and prove myself wrong, but i didn't have the courage. I couldn't look back, if he wasn't there i would of broke down. 

I found my way to the corridor our room was on and looked up, hoping to see Tyler outside the room already. No sign of him. I knew it! I knew he'd just been messing me about. That's what we said anyways, so i don't know why I'm bothered. 

The first oppurtunity he gets to go and empty himself and he's gone! I didn't know whether to be angry or upset. Maybe a little of both. 

In total curiosity i turned around, looking behind me. 

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