Chapter 1

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I had NO idea what to call this story haha! I will probably change it later :) 

“Jasmine falls for Cole, the school jock. Everything seems perfect; happiness and each other. But love is just a game…”

Eurgh, too cheesy I thought while slotting the pale pink book back into its original place. I made sure it was perfectly in line with all the other books that seemed untouched by human hands. My fingers traced the spines of at least 10 different other wonders before stepping back and admiring shelves upon shelves of books that each could take you to a different world. I guess that’s why I love books so much my life has no interest so I love reading about others. My head quickly snapped up as I realized Amber was pleading for my attention,

“Delilah, are you done yet?! I’m actually so bored. Tom hanks is waiting for me at home”

She tilted her head to the side and fluttered her long eyelashes at me with a huge grin on her face. I rolled my eyes and looked into her bright green ones. Even to this day I can’t get over the contrast of her eyes to her naturally orange hair that fell just past her shoulders. I shook my head,

“No, don’t worry, you go home to your gorgeous Tom hanks” I said putting my fingers up to press how much sarcasm was in the word gorgeous. I mean, he was like 60 now?

“I’ll probably still be a while here anyway” I sighed and leant against the cream pillar behind me, pressing my lips into a small smile.

“Ahh, thank-you so much!” she said as if I was giving her food after 2 weeks of being starved.

“I hope you find something, bye, love you” she shouted, I knew there was no point looking up, she would already be gone. I looked around the bookstore as I realized it was only me left. I didn’t mind though, I liked my own company. I slowly pondered up the stairs as each wooden step creaked beneath my weight.


I looked at my watch and frowned, it was already four thirty and I had only made my around half of upstairs. I closed my eyes and accepted the fact I had to go home now, however much I really didn’t want to. The same feeling bubbled inside of me every time I thought of home. Not fear anymore, just tiredness. Owell, I thought as I grabbed my ruck sack from the table, just another year to go till I hit 18, and as soon as midnight strikes, I’m out.

I could see the battered bannister in my vision, I was about to grab it and twist my whole body around ready for the decent, when a noise so unusual in this teeny bookstore made my whole body abruptly stop. I paused for a few seconds and just listened. After confirming with myself that I wasn’t hearing things, I timidly bowed my head to look through the railings.

Oh. My. God.

My eyes widened and I instantly took a step backwards. Downstairs seemed to have inherited what looked like a thousand plus screaming girls in under half an hour. My mind replayed about 30 minutes ago when I was downstairs and it was just me and Amber. Now you couldn’t even see the floor of where we had stood. They were packed so tightly in; I was surprised the walls hadn’t collapsed already. They were all facing towards the back of the store, and taking a closer look, they all seemed to have the same 5 faces plastered over their shirts, but I couldn’t see from here who they were. After getting over my initial shock and pure amazement, I realized I now had less than 20 minutes before I needed to be home. I carefully but quickly analgised my quickest way out and by looking at the masses of people still entering the front entrance, I knew that was totally off limits. Luckily I knew a back exit as I had been here so many times, I planned a route which would mean having to face the crowd, but I had no choice.

I sighed as I took the first few steps down the creaky stairs, and only then did it occur to me that this was all probably for a book signing. For who and what though, I have no clue. I just wanted to get out.

As I entered the crowd I heard the word “direction” a lot and a LOT of “oh my god’s”. I soon became aware of the stares on my back as I pushed hesitantly through the crowd. I tried muttering “I’m just trying to get out” and flashed a smile to these red faced girls, but it was pointless, I knew they thought I was pushing in.

When a girl accidentally backed into me, I felt the heat radiating from her body, and I felt even hotter. I looked around but all I could see were bodies jumping, squealing, shouting, and blocking my view. It made me so dizzy. I turned back towards the direction I thought I should be facing and took a deep breath. I tried to move forward but I couldn’t move an inch, let alone a metre. With stray arms all pressing against my body, my top suddenly became too clingy for my body. My eye sight blurred. Every time I tried to turn, just more darkness. I tilted my head upwards to try to remain calm and took what seemed like my last breath, but even that was difficult. A wave of panic shook my whole body as I found it more difficult to breathe by the second. I was now gulping for air. The worst thing was out of these hundreds of people, not one person seemed to notice, to try to help me. I made one last attempt by trying to shout for help but I wouldn’t have known if I did, because my hearing was replaced with a high pitched ringing sound.

I knew what was coming now… 

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