Chapter 2

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Zayn's Point of View

I was signing what seemed like the millionth book and greeting the millionth screaming girl. We all flashed her a smile before the next girl and occasional boy had less than 10 seconds with us. I looked to my right and the other four lads all looked back at me with the same expression; boredom. Don’t get me wrong, I love all our fans, and we are all so grateful for them but we have been up since 5 this morning at a recording studio all day, and our manager promised there would only be a few fans to meet here, and now it’s like quarter to 5. We are just exhausted, and I need my sleep. Every one of these girls is screaming so loud, I now have a head ache. It would be nice to meet someone who doesn’t over dress to see us, or scream our names. Just treat us as normal people, as that’s what we truly are, well maybe less normal than most people… okay totally weird. 

I was about to pick my pen back up, trying to hide a yawn when not the thud itself caught my attention, but the gasps after it did. I couldn’t see where it came from, but a sudden circle in the crowd made it clear. I frowned and stood up; a few girls were looking down at the floor while the rest had their eyes laid on me. My gaze moved downwards and I saw a limp body mingled with tonnes of feet, I was waiting for people to help her, for those around her to help so she could get out the crowd, but when the girls that had a hint of concern in their faces looked back up to us, that’s when I reacted.

“Lads” I shouted back to them, they all looked startled at me and my sudden outburst, but when they followed my gaze, they all stood up. I could hear the front rows scream as we did, but I ignored them. I quickly made my way around the desk and shot into the crowd. I knew the boys were following me.

This was unbelievable; these girls were actually scary, tugging at me, my arms, my legs. I didn’t even know where the rest of the lads had gone. I feared for their lives. When one stray hand pulled my hair however, that was enough.

“STOP” I shouted. It suddenly went quite, I felt a bit guilty but I knew I had to carry on,

“Someone has collapsed over there, and not one of you has helped her. I’m upset that you would rather try to get a glimpse at us than help someone in need.”

I heard a distant clapping and Harry emerged from a corner,

“Well said Zayney!” he mused, with a huge grin on his face. I gave him a wink.

“Aww” chorused a few girls

I remembered the whole point of this though, and quickly rushed over to the body. A few girls were knelt over her now, what a coincidence. I could still hear the screams all around me but luckily no one was actually touching me this time. I knelt down beside her and she looked like she was coming round, but she had blood trickling down her face. My face scrunched up at the pain she must be in, I looked back and saw security all on their phones and marching over, obviously not happy at what we had done. I did what first came to mind. I carefully put my arm under her back and threaded the other arm across her knees and picked her up bride style. There were lots of gasps behind me as I made my way to the back exit and I swear I even heard one girl say

“Lucky bitch, maybe I should collapse next time”

I rolled my eyes but kept looking down at this girl in my arms, she was so beautiful.

A familiar voice cut me out of my trance

“Zayn stop perving on the girl, we need to get her to hospital” Louis moaned at me.

Seeing as though I didn’t have any hands free I just shoved him with my shoulder,

“shut up you loser” I teased and nodded, as he was right, we do need to get her to hospital. I got to Sam, one of our securities but before I could say anything to him, he did first

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