Chapter 6

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Me, Harry and Louis walked into the kitchen to see the other boys sat round the table with 5 massive pizza boxes laid in front of them.

"finally" Niall said while ripping into the box closest to him

"So when you said Niall made dinner, you mean he's ordered pizzas" I laughed

"well yeah, that's how it is every night" Harry shrugged

I nodded and slid into a seat between Zayn and Harry, Zayn just finsished opening the box and held it out to me. I took the biggest slice and thanked him,

"So, let's play truth" I stated to cut the silence, I had finished my piece of pizza and was stuffed. All the boys were on at least their third piece and I was getting bored just watching them eat.

"Are you not having any more?" Louis asked

"no tar" I replied quickly

"Okay, okay, okay. I have a great question for you Delilah" Niall spoke excitedly as soon as the pizza had exited his mouth

I laughed at his cuteness and stared at him, waiting for the question,

"What's your favourite colour?" He asked seriously in his adorable irish accent.

Everyone around the table groaned. I just laughed,

"Um, a dark red, like red wine" I smiled at him, "but I like all colours really" I said matching his seriousness. He nodded at me and shoved the last of his pizza in his mouth.

"My turn!" I shouted, all five boys looked at me and I decided who I was going to ask a question too. I had lots and lots of questions flying around my head that needed to be answered, but they seemed too serious for a game like truth.

"Why do you all live together?" I frowned at all of them, "and why do you live in a mansion?" I added

The boys looked at each other with worried looks on their faces.

"Well, we..." Zayn started

"We all wanted to live in London so put our money together and bought this place" Harry Smiled at me

"My uncle, err, Simon, also helped out that's how we could afford it" Louis added

"Righttt" I slowly said, trying to work it out,

"But you're all so young, you must be about my age or so, why would you all leave your families so early?" I pressed, intrueged by these boys

"Well we all work together, on like, a big project" Niall hurridly said as if he wanted me to drop it

"ahh right" I smiled but didn't say any more. All the boys were pretty much finished now, so I stood up and started piling the empty boxes up, Louis's dark blue joggers were way too big for me, so when I took my first step around the table with 3 boxes in my arms, they started sliding down my waist. I really didn't want them too fall down revealing a too big pair of boxers, so I had to quickly save them. This meant pizza boxes flying everywhere.

One box landed in front of me on the floor, another landed infront of Harry, which took him by suprise. Just as I started wondering where the last one went..

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