Chapter 8

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*Delilah's Point Of View*

I yawned just as Snakes on a plane ended. "So did they get all the snakes off the plane?"

Louis tutted and looked down at me, my head had been on his shoulder for the past hour.

"Have you even been watching it" He said with an eye roll. I looked up into his eyes and smiled guiltily.

"I may have or may not of fallen asleep" I said leaning back into him feeling very tired at the mention of sleep.

Movement caught my eye as I saw Zayn shuffle awkwardly in his seat, glaring at Louis. I frowned at him but was too tired to think about it. My eyes were slowly closing when Niall's strong voice cut the silence, causing me to jerk my head up

"I'm getting some food" he stated.

"Oh oh oh" I said at him with a huge grin, suddenly feeling less sleepy. He looked at me with an eyebrow raised

"Niall's met his match" Harry said with a smirk

"Pleassee?" I said to him with a sweet smile, ignoring Harry, I can't help if I'm constantly hungry, I mean, blame the belly! He stared at me for a few seconds before rolling his eyes at me,

"What do you want" He said with a sigh but smiling as well.

"whatever you're getting please" I said. Niall slumped off to the kitchen with hungry eyes. I looked back at the telly where Liam was crouched down taking out the dvd from the player, he swerved his body around to face the rest of us and asked

"so, what shall we watch now?"

"Let the guest choose" Harry said with a wink towards me,

"oh, I really don't mind, you lot choose"

A chorused groan erupted from the 4 boys, I quickly frowned in confusion, Niall popped his head round the door

"If you expect us lot to decide on a movie then we'll be here till 2017" he stated

I silently laughed at Niall's odd choice of year.

"Eurgh, fineee" I said, deliberately slurring the fine, to show my laziness. I just about made it off the sofa and crawl over to the ridiculously large collection of dvd's. My eyes landed on 'letters to Juliet' and I instantly giggled, I turned to the boys and while Niall was walking back in with a plate full of food, I asked with a smirk;

"So who's the romantic?"

"What?" Zayn answered

"Letter to Juliet?" I mocked

Zayn laughed and directed me to Louis with his eyes, I gave Louis a raised eyebrow

Louis put his hands up, "it's my sisters for when she visits"

I nodded bus was interrupted by Harry, "um Louis, what sister?" he said in all seriousness

Louis rolled his eyes and quickly threw a pillow at Harry's head, which Harry just smirked at,

I shook my head with a laugh but turned around to carry on choosing, my eyes landed on the film 'piranha' and after giving it a once over, I chucked it to Liam.

"Really?" he asked with an eyebrow raised

"err, yeah?" I replied shrinking back into the sofa next to Niall feeling embarrassed

My eyes landed on the massive bowl of popcorn he had brought in and instantly gleamed



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