Chapter 9 Jessica

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The picnic was delightful. There was a little more peanutbutter on the sandwiches than I prefer, but at least we had lemonade to wash it down. Between the two of us, we ate half the sandwiches. We talked for a little while, and I scooted closer to Nico. We seemed to have the same idea because we leaned in towards each other and kissed. My heart was doing back flips and summersaults at the same time. Fireworks were going off in my head; I just knew this was right. We were meant to be together. Just as we were deepening the kiss, Percy ran over yelling our names. Damn! Is there a such thing as peace.

"What is it, Percy?" Nico and I said in unison, just a little annoyed.

"Annabeth and Juliet just disappeared."

"What do you mean disappeared?" I asked.

"We were walking when suddenly they just disappeared without a trace. No warning."

Percy was freaking out as he spoke, so I offered to go ask for a quest to find them. Nico stayed with Percy to try to calm him down as I headed towards the Big House and Chiron.

"Chiron," I said when I got over to him. "I need a quest."

"Already, what for?"

"Juliet and Annabeth disappeared while Percy was showing Juliet around camp. Please, Chiron. I need a quest."

"I will take you to Rachael then."

Chiron lead me over to a small cave not far from the lake. Inside was a girl with flaming red hair whom I instantly knew was Rachael Elizabeth Dare. Chiron introduced me.

"So, you're one of the two new kids at camp?" she asked, but I knew it wasn't actually a question.

"Yes, and I have come seeking a quest," I said then explained what happened.

Suddenly green smoke came out of Rachael, and she spoke in a voice that wasn't hers. The voice was far older and much more confident. This was the voice of the spirit of Delphi.

"Go West to the Dragon's lair,

Two special stones you find there.

Hold them a week,

Find the wisdom you seek.

Do not worry for friends,

They will be safe when it ends."

Rachael collapsed after reciting the prophecy, and I managed to catch her before she hit the ground. Then I walked outside to Chiron.

"I have a quest, and I choose Percy and Nico to be my companions."

"Very well. You should speek with your mother before going."

"I planned to make a pitt stop at her house before going on the quest. I need some things from there anyways."

With that I ran to Nico and Percy to explain what happened.

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