Chapter 6 Nico

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I was so relieved that they didn't notice me put the pen/waepons on the ground. I had received them that morning with a note asking me to discretely get them to the girls. I knew they were from Poseidon because I knew his handwriting. Poseidon is probably one of the only male gods with legible handwriting.

Well anyway, once Poseidon was done convincing Tim and Lorie to let him take Jess, she was brought out to my car with a load of bags. Most of them were squared off, so I assumed those were filled with Jessica's favorite things, books. I assisted her in loading the bags into the car, and drove her to her mom's. Throughout the ride, she fiddled with her trident, like she was distracted.

"Is anything wrong, Jess?" I asked.

"I'm fine, really."

"You don't look fine."

"I'm just angry. I've been lied to my whole life. How would you feel if you had found that out about your life."

"I see. I guess I can understand. I mean everything you have told me about your life. The custody battle your mom and Tim went through fighting over you and your sister. So much turmoil that could have been prevented."

"Exactly. Can I visit camp?" she asked.

"Anytime. I'm sure your brother will be glad to find he has a semi normal sibling or two. Right now all he has is Tyson."

"Yeah, I guess having a Cyclops as a brother must be a little freaky."

"You'll like Tyson. He's a good guy. Actually, I think he's at camp right now. You could meet your whole family at once."

"We'd have to bring Juliet. She needs to come."

"Well, if your mom okays it, we'll go pick up Juliet and head for camp."

"I can't wait to go. Do you have a phone? I could call her now and we could get there sooner."

"Yes," I said pulling out my phone. I handed it to her, and she called her mom.

After a little bit of talking, Jess handed my phone back and said, "We have a go. She said yes."

I turned the car around to head for Juliet's house, Jess gave me directions of course, and we had a nice chat with her mom before she finally got to come out and climb in the car. Then we headed to my house since the Underworld had a far quicker route to camp. I showed them the way, and they were fascinated by the shear size of my dad's realm.

We came out in the middle of Central Park in New York, and I whistled for Mrs. O'Leary. She quickly bound over to our location, and I went to introduce the girls to her when they rushed up to her screaming, "Mrs. O'Leary!" I was surprised until I remembered what Jess had said about the Percy Jackson books.

I motioned Jessica and Juliet to climb onto Mrs. O'Leary's large back, then I did the same. I told Mrs. O'Leary to head for camp, and we were there in no time. As soon as we reached camp, I walked the girls up to the big house.

"Wow!" they said in unison. "It's just like Rick Riordan described it."

They were so awestruck, that they weren't paying attention to where they were going and almost ran into Chiron. Chiron was in his wheel chair as if he knew we were expecting guests. As soon as they realized their surroundings, Jess and Juliet addressed Chiron.

"Hello, Chiron," Jess began. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

Then Juliet added, "You don't need to scrunch yourself up in that wheelchair for us. We know what you are. My name is Juliet, and this is my sister Jessica," Juliet said motioning to Jess at the end.

"Well, I am pleased to meet the two of you as well," Chiron replied as he climbed out of the wheelchair. "How long will you be staying with us?"

"We have school tomorrow, so just long enough to visit," Jess said.

"Well, I'd be happy to show you around."

"Actually, Chiron," I cut in. "I was going to show them around. Both of their brothers are here today, so I was going to take them there first."

"They know who their parent is already?"

"Yes, they do. Is Percy still in his cabin?"

"Yeah," Chiron said.

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