Chapter 4 Nico

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I have never met someone so perceptive. She saw right through my normal teenager facade. I just hope she doesn't think that I only went out with her because I think she's a demigod. I asked her out because she's so beautiful and kind. I hope she finds out what she wants, because she's an amazing girl.

"You didn't ask me out just because you thought I was a demigod? Did you?" she asked a little afraid of the answer.

I couldn't tell her the truth, but I couldn't lie and confirm her fears. I decided to answer with a half-truth, "I wanted to thank you for being so kind and helpful to me. Usually no one wants to be cought anywhere near the new kid. Plus you are very pretty."

"Thanks, "she said blushing so red she looked sunburned on her face.

I looked at the time and said, "We better get going so that we aren't late getting you home."

I called the waitress over, and payed the bill telling her to keep the change as her tip, then we left. We managed to get back to Jess's house before 7:30, and she got out. then I headed home. My house actually is an entrance to the underworld with a bedroom upstairs. I hated leaving Jessica because of the way she talked about not getting along with her dad. It kind of reminded me of my relationship with my father.

After sitting around for a while, I went to the room I had had set up for rainbows. Hey I had to have some way of contacting my friends. I created a rainbow, and called out, "Iris, oh goddess of the rainbow. Accept my offering," I stopped long enough to throw in a drachma then finished with, "show me Poseidon god of the sea."

The rainbow showed an image of Poseidon sitting in his palace under the sea. He was alone, so this was the best time to ask.

"Oh, great lord Poseidon. I have a question to ask of you," I said bowing at his image.

"What do you want, son of Hades?" he replied bitterly.

"A new friend I have met, knows of the gods, and wishes to know if she is a demigod. Specifically, she wishes to know if you are her father."

"And who, might I ask, is this friend of yours?"

"Her name is Jessica Long. Her mother's name is April McCoy-Smith."

Poseidon looked almost shocked when I said those names. I had never before seen such a shocked god before. It was as if something about Jess or her mother was more familiar than he wanted to admit. Then he spoke, "Yes, she is who she asks. She is my daughter. My first daughter."

So that's what the shock was about. She's the first daughter Poseidon had ever fathered. I guess he would want to protect her by not letting her know the truth, but she needs to know. She's older than the limit Percy gave four years ago.

"I will tell her if you wish," I said to him.

"No, get Jessica and Juliet together outside the school on Monday. Where they usually talk alone. I will claim them then. Please try to look shocked."

"I will do as you ask."

With that Poseidon cut off the transmission, and I went to tuck Rico in before going to bed myself. The weekend lasted longer than normal."

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