Meeting family

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Your family will be the last thread of hope supporting you when all else fails—just after a ton of scolding!



I jump out of my bed the moment a droplet of the freezing water settles on my face. I scream and proceed to yell some unmentionable profanities. My breathing starts to escalate and I shiver for what seems like forever. My father's scrunched up face zooms in. I hope he can see the anger on my face. His expression changes to fear and he holds up the bucket to his face.

"Anything but the face. It's too precious for your assaults. And your mother made me do it."  He says, peeking out from the blue bucket.

I couldn't be mad at him. I'll take it up with the head. I laugh at his fear. "It's alright. I'm up."

I enter my washroom to freshen up. My favorite pajamas are ruined. Now what am I going to wear all day? I come out of my en-suite after thirty minutes, squeaky clean.

I see my mother standing with a devilish smile outside with a saree hung on a hanger in one hand and jewelry laid out on my dressing table. As I start walking toward the closet in my towel, she packs them all into a leather bag.

The weather outside was too joyous and festive for my liking. A day like this should have been dark and gloomy since I had missed the chance to save many lives.
Naturally, I blame my mother, who was scrunching up her nose in disgust as she glances at my body briefly, standing outside the closet.

"You've gained weight. And you didn't wax like I told you to. C'mon, we have to get you to the spa!"

"Spa? What spa? Why do I need to go to the spa? I look nice."

"Nice? You look nice?! Last time your future husband saw you, you had a rats nest for your hair. You didn't brush your teeth for three days and you stank like a hibernating bear. I am definitely not letting that happen again."

I blush profusely when she mentions my future husband.

Sigh. He's so dreamy. He has jet black hair. I love that. How long would it have taken him? I take... perhaps two minutes? Cleanly shaven face; and his eyes. Oh god. You could die for those dark mysterious orbs. Who knew what he hid under his shirt?

Stop that!

I came back from my reverie when my mother starts to tug me along by my dress down the never ending stairs.

"—always day dreaming. Doesn't hear a word I'm saying! Oh Krishna, I just want to see grandchildren soon. For the pain I'm experiencing with this idiot, I better get my reward very very soon!"

I notice that I'm in plain floor length dress. When did I get dressed?

We get to the spa after an hour, since there was morning traffic. I had to hear my mother ramble on about how to behave while my future in-laws are in the house. How to sit, how to walk, how to talk, how to act shy and quiet, and basically like a housewife, etc. Blah blah.

I hope I nail this so that I can get away from my mother. I'll miss my father though. Suddenly, I realize. I would have to leave my parents.

"Ma, I am going to be staying with you after marriage, right?" I ask.

"Hmph. How are you going to give me any grandchildren if you are staying with me? She teases, as she looks out the passenger side window, trying to hide her smirk.

"Very funny ma. I'm not having kids anytime soon. I want to improve in my career."

"We'll see about that. With the looks of the man your about to marry, I wouldn't be shocked if you got pregnant weeks after your marriage."

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