Chapter 2

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Harry whistled to himself as he skipped down the pathway towards his house many abandoned houses specifically the one where Louis was currently staying in. Harry stopped when he got closed to the house and had a dreading feeling in his undead gut.

"I don't smell him, I don't smell that sweet smell of warm blood in his dainty cold body." Harry sped to the house and looked through the broken window seeing Louis wasn't there.

"Where the hell is he?" Harry looked up and held his nose high trying to catch the tiniest bit of his scent.

Harry sighed angrily and broke the window entirely jumping into the room immediately going to the bed holding the very thin blanket to his nose and inhaling the smell. The sweet smell was stronger than ever on this but it helped Harry enough to lead him to where Louis was.


Harry found Louis in a stripper club. He was waiting tables wearing very little clothing but it was still very revealing. It looked very attractive but Harry didn't like the wandering eyes Louis was getting. He also looked dead tired but he was warm so that was a good thing to know. Harry vampire sped to one of his houses that wasn't abandoned and brought a good bit of cash. Just enough so Louis would have enough to survive through the week possibly a month. 

Harry arrived and took a seat making sure his table was going to be treated by Louis, as in Harry personally kicked out the two gawking eyes of men at the small table. Harry tsked them for not knowing that they were staring at a guy, not a girl but this place was famous for making anyone look attractive but they would look like a girl. That's exactly what Louis looked like. A fucking female, Harry mentally threw up in his mouth at the fact that he will never be interested in any female in any sexual way. He does love the taste of female blood over male blood. 

"What can I get for you tonight?" Louis smiled sweetly at Harry leaning forward making sure to let his fake boobs push out and his ass standing out clearly showing off the panties underneath his skirt. 

Harry leaned back away from Louis and picked up the menu, there was barely anything on it. Just small snacks and cocktail shots, the other side of the menu was the orders you can get for the night, a blowjob for fifty, anal for hundred, vaginal the same. Although Harry would love to see Louis little lips wrapped around his dick he preferred to keep their relationship PG between them for the time being. 

"I'll take a cocktail shot." Louis nodded pulling out his notebook from the fake breast that looked very much fake but also real.

"Anything else you would like?" Louis put on a flirty face and leaned closer making sure to turn his body to the side to show off his thigh high socks that clearly showed off his thin but juicy thighs. 

Harry's mouth watered wanting so badly to just bite into them. Harry shook his head and shoved the menu toward Louis. Louis looked slightly insulted and nodded walking off to the bar making sure to keep his pace and steps as flirtatious as possible.

Harry groaned trying to take his eyes off of Louis ass and thighs but it was hard when everything in the room you wanted to look away from and Louis was the only thing you wanted to look at. Harry closed his eyes placing his head on the table waiting for Louis to come back. 

"Harry my man, what brings you here? I know you can buy anything but like seriously why would you come to this shitty place? This is where most of the poor people are. I came here to spend half of my paycheck here." Harry raised his brow at the unknown man.

"Do I know you?" Harry mumbled trying to remember who this man was.

"Yeah it's me, Niall, you know the guy you bit and then broke my neck but then you left, I am so grateful for that by the way because I wouldn't be alive right now, well I'm technically dead but you know what I mean. So thanks, I don't know what I did to deserve this but I've been trying to get in contact with you for the past three years but you were always busy and it takes way to much time to get a meeting with you." Harry's eyes widened finally remembering this man.




Harry was tired and annoyed along the fact that he had the worst headache he has had in the longest years he's had. Harry growled seeing a man sitting in an alleyway strumming a broken guitar and humming to himself. Harry swallowed the small bit of saliva in his mouth and sped to the innocent man grabbing him by his neck and slamming him into the wall. 

"Yo man let me go!" Niall struggled to get free from Harry's grip but it didn't work.

Harry used his other hand and tilted Niall's head to the side and bite into Niall's neck beginning to drink to his pleasure.

Niall screamed pulling the pen from his pocket and slamming into Harry's neck. Harry stopped drinking letting out his bottom fangs and biting harshly into Niall's neck letting the venom free from his bottom fangs. Harry pulled back glaring at Niall then snapping his neck in anger.

Harry had fled away from the scene shocked that someone even fought back and kind of won. Harry had no idea that the man had lived, his venom spread through Niall's body reconstructing his body to fit that of a vampire.


End of flashback


"Yeah I mean I guess it was an accident but I wanted to say sorry for stabbing you in the neck that day. It was just for self-defense but now I have these amazing powers and I feel so alive but like dead at the same time, ya know? I mean like my powers heightened my abilities too! Like I was good at the guitar then but now I'm amazing at it! I get like gigs all the time now! All because of you I am living my dream and I wanted to thank you in some way but I don't know how to." Harry already grew irritated at the annoying full of energy boy.

"You don't have to thank me for anything, in fact, I don't want anything to do with you, now leave me alone." Just as Niall was about to complain Louis came back with the cocktail shot then looked to Niall handing him the menu.

"Are you with Mr. Styles to sir?" Niall shook his head and got up.

"Uh no, just a quick chat have a nice night sir." Louis and Harry's eyes widened shocked that Niall figured it out so quickly.

Niall left silently then winked at Harry who looked down now noticing the tiny paper in the front pocket of his shirt.


Harry didn't get to walk Louis home because he had to leave from staying way too long and not ordering anything or anyone. Harry didn't leave without giving Louis a two thousand dollar tip. 

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