10. Checkmate

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Still working on more chapters, but I can't promise the next update will be soon. I'm almost finished with the book from my other series though, so I'm trying to complete that book so that I can put all my focus on this book.

I apologize.

Nicky's POV 

"I'm pleasantly surprised to find that you have better taste than Agent Stevenson in terms of living arrangements," I tell Agent North as I toss my backpack onto the couch in the living room of the safe house.

Agent North smiles at me as he leans back in his seat at the small dining table. "The hotel wasn't up to your standards?" He questions in amusement.

"I know a fair bit about crappy hotel rooms," I reply with a wave of my hand. "I've been in worse. I usually don't turn on the lights. I don't ever what to know what's in there."

He nods thoughtfully. "I bet." He studies me curiously. "Ryder said you've been evading these people for a while, just how long, exactly?"

There's no harm in telling him the truth on this one. "Four years."

He raises his eyebrows. "How old are you?" He asks me.

"Can't you just read whatever file the FBI pulled up on me?"

"I could, but I figured I'd actually try to get to know you myself."

I tilt my head as I study him. "Twenty-two," I finally say. "How old are you, Agent North?"

He waves me off. "Damien," He corrects me. "I'm Ryder's age. Twenty-five. We grew up in the same neighborhood. Went to school together."

"And eventually joined the FBI together as well," I say and he nods.

I study him further and an idea comes to mind.

"So," I start conversationally. "What can you tell me about Agent Stevenson?"

He smiles in amusement. "You looking for some kind of blackmail?"

"What would you say if I said yes?"

"I'd need to know what kind of bribe you're prepared to give me, and just what exactly you think you want to know," He replies.

I can't help but smile. "So, you're totally ok with ratting out your friend?"

"Oh yes, for the right price," He smiles widely.

I laugh. "That's extortion."

He shakes his head, his expression serious but amusement shining in his eyes. "Oh no, that would be illegal."

I smile. "I think I'm going to actually like you, Damien," I tell him.

Before Damien can respond, Ryder walks into the room, phone in hand. He looks between the two of us and then scowls at Damien.

"What the hell did you tell her?" He questions.

Damien smiles. "Nothing," He says as he leans back in his chair once more. "Yet."

Ryder continues to scowl. "You two looked like two thieving partners in crime a second ago." He points his finger at Damien. "I don't need you making his harder for me because you're saying things you shouldn't be."

"You should be more concerned with what I could potentially show her."

I can't help but laugh as Ryder shoots a death glare Damien's way. Damien just smirks and crosses his arms over his chest.

"I need to make a few more calls," Ryder says. He points to Damien. "You're on babysitting duty, and don't tell or show her anything."

"Babysitting duty?" I question coldly.

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