11. Running . . . Temporarily

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Happy Thanksgiving! (For those of you who celebrate it)

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Nicky's POV

Now before everyone starts judging me, they left the front door wide open. It was like an open invitation. It was the equivalent of them saying, "Yes Nicky, please leave. I'm begging you."

Who could ignore a request like that?

Certainly not I. That'd be rude. I suppose in some ways I'm considered a guest, and when they blatantly ask the guest to leave, who am I to object?

Also, I was in no mood to stick around. Agent Asshole was being even more intolerable than usual.

Smug bastard. Let's see how smug you are when you realize I walked right out of that safe house, in broad daylight, while you were on the phone, in the main room, with a clear view of the door.

Who's laughing now?

I adjust my backpack higher on my shoulder as I walk through the automatic doors and into the airport.

I already bought my boarding pass online, using a fake name of course, and an untraceable account number. So, I skip past the lines of people checking their baggage and buying their tickets and I head straight for airport security.

This was the one time I was thankful I didn't carry weapons around in my backpack. Those were hard to explain to airport security. Of course, usually, it was a fifty-fifty shot on whether or not they'd spot the tasers. Both were disguised to look like portable phone chargers and nothing more. But, in going through the security, if they decided to check them out, they'd realize that they were not, in fact, portable phone chargers.

That would be unfortunate. And land me in some trouble.

Well, some more trouble.

Luckily it doesn't appear to be a problem and I'm able to quickly zip through airport security. I mentally cheer as I pick up my backpack and start walking through the airport, down to the gate.

Thankfully I had time to do some shopping before scheduling a flight out of here, so I'm no longer forced to wear the awful Hawaiian shirts and khaki shorts. Instead, I was now in a pair of red shorts, a royal blue V-neck t-shirt, and my tennis shoes. I also managed to pick up a phone.

I unlock the phone and dial one of the many numbers I had memorized. I put the phone to my ear and wait, eventually, I hear the robotic voice telling me to leave a message.

"Hey, Quinn. It's Nicky," I say into the phone. "I need a place to lay low for a while. I wanted to ask if I could use the castle. I don't know how long I'll need it. Call me back, or rather, I might have to get a new phone. I'll call you. Bye."

I slip my phone into my pocket and let out a long breath, shaking my head as I continue walking through the airport.

I take a seat in the waiting area and drum my fingers on the armrest of my seat, my eyes scanning the crowd warily and picking out patterns. I pull my laptop out of my backpack and set it up on my lap.

My fingers glide over the keys as I retrace all my steps before coming here. Screens pop up and close rapidly and soon all trace of myself leading up to the airport is deleted from any security cameras, photos, or anything else that might have briefly picked me up while I was wandering through the city before arriving at the airport.

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